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Claim of the Week

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cat Swallowed Rubber Bands

Leo the 5-year-old cat recently made an unexpected veterinary visit because something was up with his tummy. He would vomit occasionally and was losing weight. His veterinarian took some X-rays and an ultrasound of his belly to reveal a mass.

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cataract surgery

This week’s featured claim is for a 10-year-old Maltese who has an upcoming cataract surgery scheduled. Cataracts occur when the crystalline lens of the eye becomes clouded. The more cloudy and opaque it gets, the more light is blocked and

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Raisin Ingestion

Gus, a soft coated wheaten terrier puppy, gobbled up a box of yogurt covered raisins on the last day of his 30-day certificate coverage. The pup was admitted to the veterinary hospital for 48 hours of fluid therapy and kidney

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Ingested Aluminum Foil

Let me tell you a story about Benji the 1-year-old Goldendoodle. Benji was minding his own business, when a magnificent smell caught his nose. It was meaty and greasy and it would probably taste amazing. Being that he is a

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Dog Swallowed Peach Pit

Buster the 1-year-old Maltipoo made an unplanned veterinary visit recently because he swallowed something that tasted very yummy. Buster ingested a peach pit! While peaches are a healthy alternative to dog treats and are safe to feed dogs (here are