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A Scotty’s Stomach Issues

“A year ago we adopted a very sweet, loving Scottish Terrier who was rescued by Miami-Dade County from a terrible puppy mill when he was about 10 months old. This little boy lived in a cage his entire life until

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/9

After spending a bundle on vet bills with my last afghan who passed away in 2010, when I got these two, I researched and bought Trupanion for both and I can’t be more satisfied with the service! -Nancy M. I

Jaxon the dog’s pet insurance story for a cruciate ligament

Jaxon is a one year old Cane Corso who suddenly began limping after playing. I thought that he just ran too hard at the dog park, but after the limp continued a couple days Jaxon was taken to the vet.

Preparing for Rough Waters

“After having an English Bulldog for 7 years, spending tons of money on allergies, surgery to remove an ingested sock, and many other ailments I knew with the purchase on my next dog I would look into getting insurance. Last

A Giant Dog with Big Problems

“At six months old when our beloved Georgie couldn’t walk, we thought she was just a rambunctious puppy who pulled a muscle. We took her to the veterinarian and the results were staggering, both hips were completely displaced. She was