Cute & Fun With Pets

9 Pets Being People

As people who are crazy about our pets, we can sometimes make up thoughts that our pet has, or words they might say. Some of us think of our pet as a little child with fur. We thought it would … Continue reading

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In The Dog House: The Most Pampered Pets In The World

Hollywood stars are known for a lot of things. They’re known for their talents, their fashions, and spending lots of money. Lately we’ve noticed a trend of some of Hollywood’s richest spending their dough on their favorite furry friends! Every … Continue reading

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The Growing World of Social Media for Pets

It seems like social media sites have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives these days. You can check your local transit system’s Twitter for any delays, browse the latest shipment in at your favorite clothing boutique on Instagram, and … Continue reading

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From Mama Ruth to Petra

I am often inspired by the policyholders I talk to on the phone at work here. I recently spoke with Petra’s dad to sign her up for our coverage, and he sent me some adorable pictures of her. It made … Continue reading

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From Grumpy Cat to Lassie: Famous Pets and Animals

“My Cat is Big in Japan…” These days, even pets are subject to the whims of fast fame – internet animals seem to be one of the biggest trends on the planet right now. But the animal-as-celebrity phenomenon is nothing … Continue reading

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19 Pets Enjoying Spring

Spring is finally here (for many of us) and it’s nice to finally see a little sun, feel a little warmth, and spot the colorful flowers as they begin to bloom. We’ve enjoyed viewing your springtime pet photos over the … Continue reading

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13 Small Dog Breeds for Apartments

Dog lovers know what life is like without a dog: quiet, boring, and no wiggle butt to greet you when you get home. Living in an apartment may limit our options for pets, whether they restrict pets altogether or only … Continue reading

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7 Pets Showing their Silly Side for April Fool’s Day

April Fools Day is a day for pranks and laughs. While our pets won’t intentionally prank us, they can definitely make us laugh! So for this week’s giveaway, we asked you to send in a silly or foolish photo of … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Apartments for Pet Lovers Only

No pet, no rent. Renters with pets are well aware of the challenges they may face when trying to find a suitable place to live that will allow their furry four-legger. Many apartment complexes have breed restrictions, size restrictions, or … Continue reading

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How to Take an Awesome Pet Photograph

Clearly, your pet is the most adorable, hilarious and smartest pet in the world, but does the world know that? There’s only one-way to find out: by taking the most awesome pet photograph anyone has ever seen and then share … Continue reading

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