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Why Do We Treat Dogs Like Humans?

The bond between man and dog has been one that has lasted for thousands of years; however, we very rarely ask why. Why do we call dogs ‘man’s best friend?’ Why are we so inclined to treat our dogs like

Trupanion Seeks Your Support! 5 Seconds for a Vote

In 2014, we went through the grueling process of completely redesigning our website. After several months of hard work, we launched the finished product which allowed people to browse our website and enroll new policies from any device, be it tablet,

10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Pet Owner Should Make

As we start to set goals for the new year, don’t forget to set goals for your furry friends too! Typically, now is the time when we’ve come up with a list of how we want this year to be

7 Unique Ways to Help Homeless Animals

When people think of helping homeless animals, most of us think the only ways to help animals in need are to adopt or donate money to shelters. There are actually several ways to help out animal shelters on a budget and

90 Adorable Photos of Pets Dressed for the Holidays

Merry Christmas to all the pets and pet owners in the Trupanion family! One of our favorite thing about the month of December is seeing all the adorable pets dressed up for the holidays. We asked to see your holiday-themed photos