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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/13

Slightly graphic, and going to give everyone a short#PSA slash update. My first growth mom discovered was over this summer on my vulva (most awkward phone call ever) and it came back positive as a plasma cell tumor. Few months

Pets Showing Their Game Day Spirit

What’s cuter than pets dressed in clothes? Pets dressed to support their favorite team! We asked to see how your pet shows their game day spirit, so here’s a slideshow of cats and dogs in game day attire: Created with flickr slideshow.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/7

THANK YOU, Trupanion, for your extremely prompt, friendly & professional handling of medical claims for my cat, Dagny Taggart! She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure; it’s the first time I’ve filed claims for either of my insured cats since

If We Could Text Our Pets

Most pet owners will admit that they talk to their pet as if their pet could talk back to them. We talk to our pets for the same reason why we talk to people around us, because we see them

Misprinted Rug in Sheriff’s Office Reads “In Dog We Trust”

A rug placed in the front lobby of a Florida Sheriff’s office went months without anyone noticing the rug was unintentionally printed to read “In Dog We Trust” instead of “In God We Trust”. The rug quickly gained enough interest that the Sheriff’s