Cute & Fun With Pets

6 Reasons Why Doodles Make Amazing Pets

You’ve likely heard the term “Doodle” used to describe a genre of dogs. What’s a Doodle? It’s often used to refer to Labradoodle and Goldendoodle which are Labrador Retriever/Poodle cross and Golden Retriever/Poodle cross, respectively. They are very smart. Not … Continue reading

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Infographic: How Pets Help Seniors Stay Happy and Healthy

Pets provide love and affection to people of all ages. While we’ve discussed the benefits of having pets for children, there are also many benefits for seniors as well. Bay Alarm Medical has put together this infographic with statistics describing … Continue reading

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Five Benefits your Kids will Get Growing up with a Pet

Every child longs for a pet, whether it is a dog, hamster or fish. Although pet ownership can be a bit trying for parents, it is a worthwhile endeavor that will benefit children tremendously throughout their lives. There are many … Continue reading

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11 Pets Showing Love this Valentine’s Day

Love is always in the air when you have a pet! For most of us, Valentine’s Day is just like any other when it comes to loving and snuggling with our pets. Pets are reliable and they are always there … Continue reading

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5 Accessories To Bring While Traveling With Dogs

For you, going on a long trip via road is not a big deal. The car is fitted with various safety gadgets for your protection, and generally, there would be food and beverage outlets at various points on the route … Continue reading

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Seattle Upsets Denver in Super Bowl Quarterback Pet Name Face-Off

With two high-performing squads in this year’s Super Bowl, it’s coming down to a battle of the quarterbacks. Trupanion, a data-driven pet medical insurance provider, analyzed their database of insured pets to determine which quarterback will lead his team to … Continue reading

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How to Pick Up the Safest Accessories for Your Pet

Every pet owner knows how much fun having a pet can be. The rolling in the mud, the paw fights, the running around, the quiet comfort and, of course, the dressing up. A pet can be quite a handful. And … Continue reading

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Morris Animal Foundation Helps Working Dogs

Search and rescue dogs work hard to help find and save people, and they have even helped out with such large-scale disasters as September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.  Unfortunately, this work often leads to dehydration, heat exhaustion, or other heat-related … Continue reading

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13 Pets Staying Warm This Winter

As the temperatures drop and snow levels rise, we and our pets seek blankets, fireplaces and cuddle buddies for warmth. For our giveaway this week, we asked you to send us a photo that shows your pet staying warm. While … Continue reading

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Ate Man’s Work Boot

Layna the 7-year-old Doberman Pinscher recently tested the strength of her teeth and made an unplanned veterinary visit when she chewed into a man’s work boot. The foreign body ingestion put her into critical care where she had to spend … Continue reading

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