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Cute & Fun With Pets

Star-Spangled Pet Names

In the spirit of Independence Day, Trupanion looked into its database of insured pets to see what patriotic names have made an impression on dog and cat owners across the U.S. Patriotism has influenced the names of a number of

Summertime Pet Pics 2014

How is your pet enjoying summer so far? Here in Seattle, our office pets are bathing in sun puddles and getting midday walks out in the warmth, then returning to our air-conditioned office to relax and cool down. We asked

Are You a Crazy Cat/Dog Person?

The way we interact with our pets may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but come off as a little kooky to the outsider or non-pet owner. These actions range from simply talking to our pets, all the way

The 15th Annual Furry 5K

Congratulations to our Furry 5K raffle winner, Dana L.! Seward Park was crowded with people and happy dogs for the 15th Annual Furry 5K! Once again, Trupanion was glad to support the Seattle Animal Shelter and sponsor the event. We

Venus, A Cat With Two Faces

Meet Venus, one side of her face appears to look like a Tabby, and the other half is black. Her eyes are completely different as well, one eye being bright blue, and the other is yellow. The markings are so