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March 2013 Trupanion Giveaways

Week 1 (March 4-8): How many toys does your pet have?

Dog with toys

Let’s see just how spoiled your pets are! Let us know your best guess as to the number of pet toys that your pet owns. If you have multiple pets, you can let us know the total number of toys in your household. Additionally, earn an extra entry by sending in photos to socialmedia@trupanion.com that depict just how many toys your pet has!

At the end of the week, we’ll put all of the numbers into a random generator to select one number which will be the winner of a $25 gift card! Winner will be contacted via email.

Fill out the form: Week 2 (March 11-15): St. Patrick’s Day

grinch dog pet insurance Trupanion

Cheech, shared by Karlee P.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with us this week by sending in a photo of your pet wearing, [looking at, sitting next to, hiding under, (you get the idea)] something green!

Show us your pet’s green side and you’ll be entered into the random shuffle for a $25 gift card. Winner will be drawn on Friday, March 15th 2013.

How to enter:

  1. Email your photo to socialmedia@trupanion.com

Week 3 (March 18-22): Pet First Aid walks n wags pet first aid kit

Our friends at Walks N Wags have generously donated a brand new Compact Pet First Aid Kit as the prize of this week’s giveaway!

There are several ways to earn entries into the drawing via the Rafflecopter widget below. But the big one is: Leave a comment on this post telling us about a time you have dealt with a pet emergency. If you have never dealt with an emergency, let us know one way you’re prepared just in case!

Enter via Rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Week 4 (March 25-29): Guess the breed

On Monday, March 25, 2013, we’ll post a picture of a kitten and it’s your task to guess its breed! We’ll share another kitten picture clue on Wednesday and the reveal will be on Friday! All correct guesses will be put into a random shuffle and one winner will receive a $25 gift card! Correct guesses made on Monday and Tuesday will count for 2 entries into the hat and guesses made on Wednesday will count for 1 entry into the hat.

How to enter:

  1. Visit our Facebook page
  2. Click ‘Like’ on our page
  3. Stay tuned for the kitten photos to be posted
  4. Fill out the form below to submit your guess

 Return to Facebook Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. Entry method via e-mail. Giveaways are open to residents of the United States and Canada. Limit: 1 entry per user. Duplicate entries will not be counted. Trupanion employees are excluded from this drawing. All winners will be contacted via e-mail. Winners are selected randomly via Random.org. Chances of winning are based on participation. By entering the contest you are agreeing that Trupanion can use all or a portion of your entry in any company materials, including but not limited to company website and blog. For a winners list for any giveaway, please contact us by emailing socialmedia@trupanion.com. Your privacy is important to us. Please review Trupanion’s Privacy Policy. © 2013 Trupanion. All rights reserved.

31 Responses to March 2013 Trupanion Giveaways

  1. Kelsey Maxwell says:

    when our always hungry boxer Molly refused to eat her food and had thrown up all over the place, we knew there was something wrong. We did our best to control her vomiting, but ended up having to call the emergency vet. That was the easiest and most appropriate decision at the time.

  2. Sarah Webb says:

    We were camping with friends and all three couples had dogs that had just met each other. Needless to say there was a dog fight over treats between a 15lbs dog and a 100lbs dog. Not only did I have to assess the small dog for wounds and prevent shock while the owners rushed it to the vet, I also had to assess and tend to one of the owners wounds due to being bit by the larger dog while trying to break up the fight. Thank goodness I have medical training but this first aid kit would be great for the future!

  3. Monique Clark says:

    My dog has black nails and grow so fast in his now less active yrs… I was clipping them and got too far! IT has happened a couple times…just put(rub a bar of natural- non perfumed) soap on it and it stops it! That’s just one of very many….but this is a less traumatic experience with an easy fix!

  4. Erin Charman says:

    My little doxie Nestle became very reactive one night, and would jump violently at every move I would make. When I watched her swing her upper body in a circle while sitting still, unable to balance on my lap I knew something was wrong. I called the Emergency Vet clinic to alert them of our impending arrival, and whisked her over there as quickly as possible. I gave her something to eat, and an ice cube to get fluids in her, and then off to the vet we went. She spent the night there with fluids, and induced vomiting. Was good to go the next morning!!

  5. Lynn says:

    I was at a dog park once when a fight broke out between two dogs because one dogs collar got stuck on the others prong collar while they played. I jumped in with the owners to help pull them away and ended up getting my emergency kit from my car and disinfecting both dog and human injuries before sending them off to the vet/hospital. It was incredibly tense but thankfully my first aid training kicked right in!

  6. Jennifer Petersen says:

    With 4 dogs, one who has already suffered a broken arm =( this would come in handy! We are very active and this would make a great addition to our furkid gear <3

  7. Stephen James says:

    Whenever we go on vacation we sign a preauthorization form at the Emergency Animal Hospital so that our dog sitter can take in Lucia in case of emergency and not worry about payment. It gives us peace of mind to know that our little doggy is covered by the best medical plan available – Trupanion

  8. Jackie White says:

    When my pup was run over by a bicycle in the park I had to stablize him and rush him to our vet. We were lucky they were open and took him right away.

  9. Cathy Sharp says:

    On dealing with a pet emergency, I had been away for the day with my daughter at a dance competition, while my husband had been home getting ready to leave on business. Before he left, he let our dog, a beautiful lab/border collie cross named Sapphire out in the yard to await our arrival home. We had previously noticed cysts on her but she had been examined by the vet and they had determined that these were not serious. However, for some reason, it had bothered her that day and she had chewed at it, causing it to bleed and expel puss. When I got home and discovered her, I did not know that the cyst had ruptured. I cared for it by cleaning it out with hydrogen peroxide and putting pressure on it while calling the emergency vets and getting her an appointment which we quickly left for. May daughter rode in the back with her on a towel and kept pressure on the wound. When they triaged her at the vet, they also could not readily tell what the problem was some informed us that they would need to keep her overnight incase surgery was required. Luckily a simple draining of the would and expelling of the cyst was sufficient and we were able to pick her up bright and early in the morning. Thank you Trupanion for being there for me not to have to worry about the bills at that moment and just admit her for treatment.

  10. One midnight Monty the Corgi woke us up, crying, which he never did. He couldn’t stand up. Off to the emergency vet, who x-rayed him and said he had a disc problem in his back. To our vet in the morning, then to the surgeon. Monty had a ruptured disc which surgery fixed and he was 95% fine for the remaining 9 years of his life. Pretty scary night and morning!

  11. Laura Watling says:

    Just after my dog’s first birthday he was stung by a bee. I only new this because he came inside the house and vomited, the bee was in the vomit. He started panting and lied down on the floor, I immediately checked his gums and they were turning white. I called the vet’s and they said to bring him in right away. It turns out the stinger was stuck in my dog’s tongue and still producing the venom. The vet’s were able to remove the stinger and give him an injection, they said he had gone into anaphylactic shock and another 30min and I would have lost him. Now when my dog is outside I am with him at all times, and if he is quick enough to get stung by a bee I just give him a benadryl and take him to the vet’s, at least this way I know I have a 30min window before he goes into shock. He has only been stung twice in the past ten years, but that’s twice to many times for me.

  12. Debra King says:

    When my son was about 2 he came and woke me up saying that the cat (kitten) wasn’t breathing. I jumped out of bed to find him . When I found him I gave him mouth to nose resuscitation. He went on to live for another 19 years.

  13. Erin says:

    Our boy has IBD and once had a bad flare-up on a Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, I already knew which emergency vet our vet refers to and had their number in our phones.

  14. Linda says:

    Back at Aggie College, I delivered quadruplet lambs very late one night at the sheep barn. One lamb didn’t breathe. I had been reading up on emergency procedures (thank goodness) and first tried poking a straw up the little one’s nose – no response. In desperation, I tried the windmill method – grab the lamb by his back feet and whirl it around in the air. It was like swinging a sopping wet towel! Amazingly, this made all the fluids stuck in the lamb’s chest and throat fly out, allowing him to breathe. Next thing I knew, he was up and searching out his mother’s udder. He grew up big and strong!

  15. Sonia Seda says:

    Our 13 year old mixed-breed, Titan, caught a flu or something. He had never been sick (EVER). He did not want to eat or drink anything, and could not move much. I knew that he had to, at least, drink something in order not to dehydrate.

    My husband thought that Titan was dying, so he began to dig a hole in the backyard.

    I, in the other hand, bought some Pedia-sure and mixed it with a little water. I syringe-fed him for three days.

    My husband cried the three days, but finally had to fill the hole again. 😉

    Titan got back up and running, as if nothing had happen.

  16. Susan says:

    I found a shivering cat in my backyard in January. He has a collar but no tags. I’m not sure if he had hypothermia or not but I brought him inside, and tried to make him as comfortable as I could. I put him down on the couch on top of a blanket with heating pads underneath, and placed a bowl of water on the floor along with a makeshift litterbox. I fed him a bit of cat food in the morning once he was warmed and hydrated, and took him to the animal hospital. They took him in and looked him over for any injuries, etc and since he was microchipped, contacted his owners.

  17. Deborah says:

    My pets have never had an emergency yet. But I’m now looking into pet first aid courses. I try to pet proof my apartment too!

  18. K.P. Smith says:

    Thus far my experiences with animal emergencies would not have benefited from a kit like this but I’m shocked that I’ve never looked into purchasing one of these. I have several survival/first aid kits for the humans in the house but nothing for my pets. If i don’t win this contest, walks n wags will be receiving an order from me.

  19. Erin D. says:

    Doing dog rescue we come across all sorts of emergencies. Especially at events, lots of allergic reactions, bee stings, etc. Cut pads, broken toenails but one time we had a dog slip while walking through some brush and get punctured by a stick. He wound up having internal bleeding, luckily we were able to get him to a vet in time but very scary!

  20. Kim says:

    My male cat Sidney was a tiny kitten when I found him in my garden. I didn’t know about urinary tract disease and after he went to the bathroom, I found blood. I drove like a crazy person to an emergency vet hospital at 2am. Luckily he was immediately diagnosed and given medication. I learned that been Urinary Tract Disease can be fatal in cats, but is very treatable with simple medication. Now, 9 years later, he is a happy, healthy cat along with his “wife” (age 9) and their only two kittens (ages 8).

  21. Erica Ribeiro Sampaio says:

    We had only had our rescued Boston Terrier puppy for about 8 weeks when he broke his paw in our garage. That wasn’t the emergency though. We took him to the animal hospital and dealt with it. It was actually when we were home after that he decided to hurt himself again. We let him out on our deck so he wouldn’t freak out while we were outside cleaning up our yard. I set up a baby gate at the top of the stairs thinking I was being prepared enough. Checked the width of the railing and was sure he couldn’t get through. Well, he did. He squeezed himself through while we were in the garage and not only dislocated his shoulder (same side as his broken paw), he fell 5ft to the ground on his broken paw as well. The cries of pain were terror inducing. The little trooper still tried to hobble to see us and jump up at us, so I scooped him up and wrapped him as best as I could in a towel to try to immobilize him. And back we went to the hospital. I am happy to say he’s perfectly healthy and healed. I am grateful for our animal hospital and it’s staff.

  22. Tracy Williams says:

    I had a cat that had lost the ability to remove the ammonia from her system. I had her wrapped in a blanket and took her to the emergency hospital for treatment. It still breaks my heart today that when I took her in to her regular vet that she had to be put to sleep because she was too far gone for any real help.

  23. Robyn says:

    One day at the dog park , my dog older dog (11 years old, lab mix) was playing with her ball (she is obsessed) when two other dogs from the same family came and attacked her. She managed to get away from them but ended up with a puncture wound on her shoulder. The owners ran off saying that it was my dog that was aggressive. An emergency kit would’ve been helpful to keep her comfortable until we made it to the vet. I’m definitely going to make one up and keep it in the car.

  24. Diane Johnson says:

    I have a 10 pound Papillon dog, my Grandson had offered to take him out for me, and walk him. Being 10 years old, I figured all was well with that, My Papillon has the habit of running very fast if scared or interested in something else. I heard my Grandson cry out, help!. I went outside to find my Papillon laying on the ground on his back, his front legs dangling in the air. I noticed his right leg did not look correct, and examined it and found that it was broken. My Papillon was in alot of pain at this time, and I needed to move quickly to get him to the vet to stabalize the break. I had my grandson watch him, and went to get a make shift stretcher to transport him to the Veternarian. I gently wrapped his leg broken just below the elbow with gauze ,layed him on my make shift stretcher and got him to the vet. They were so good to him, and helped him with his pain. The next 8 weeks was quite a chore, casting, and x-ray check ups to check his healing.

  25. tricia says:

    I’m not sure if any of my pet emergencies would have benefited but one time we had a housefire and our dog was badly burned they were able to get her out but we had nothing to help her and we lost her in the end when she got to the pet er. The second was our dog (the brother of the one above) got into rat poison so we had to rush to the vet to help prevent anything worse from happening. But I’d never heard of a pet kit like this before now.

  26. Alison says:

    My little girl cut her paw once, and would not stop bleeding. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of the powder or gel that stops the bleeding, so we tried everything flour, corn starch, and it still kept bleeding. I finally got it to stop by applying pressure with a moist towel, and then wrapped it in gauze. Eleanor was good as new! She got a special treat for being such a good patient, too. =P

  27. Julie F. says:

    My female kitty Lovey suddenly had her face swell up… We called the emergency vet immediately and were told to bring her in… We were there within the hour, and had her treated. Then followed up with our regular vet as soon as we could…
    Best guess was an allergic reaction to something… Hasn’t happened since, and we made some changes to hopefully prevent it.

  28. jessie m says:

    Have never had to deal with a pet emergency thankfully – but we are stocked with gauze and disinfectant, and i took a short course in doggy cpr!

  29. Grace says:

    I didn’t realize that my puppy Max could get up onto my desk and my pills were sitting in a basket on top of my desk. He ate 3-5 of them and I had to rush him to the hospital. I would have noticed sooner if we hadn’t been putting up the Christmas tree in the living room!! I thought he was with us the entire time. He’s ok now 🙂

  30. Debbie says:

    After claning the storage building metal fence posts were left stacked in the yard. Drewbie went out aftr dark and ran into them splitting the skin on his ankle. Luckily I had a Cat First Aif Kit I had picked up at a Conference and was able to bandage it. An emergency call to our Vet and we were meeting for a surgery. Can’t stress the importance of a Pet First Aid kit for every Pet owner. We had used the peroxide earlier in the Spring because kids threw a chocolate rabbit over the fence and Drewbie ate it. After making him throw up he was just fine.

  31. Lily Chang says:


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