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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 9/5

This is our girl Penny! She is almost 3 years old. Already she has had very bad allergic reactions, diagnosed with pancreatitis, diagnosed with a grade 1 heart murmur, had surgery to remove a tumour that fortunately was benign and has had other smaller issues. We are thankful to have Trupanion! They have covered all medical care that she has needed! I can’t imagine not having insurance for our girl. Trupanion is a great company!! :) -Nicole M.


I rescued Casey from the shelter the day before Sandy hit. He was 6 months old with beautiful marble eyes. When he was a year old he started having fly biting seizures and thanks to Trupanion I am able to get him the treatment he needs and deserves. Sitting in the waiting room in the vets office I never hesitate to tell everyone just how wonderful you are. Thank you for being there for us. -Rose C.

Since our dog, Ripley, became sick in December 2013 Trupanion has been wonderful. I truly appreciate how our claims are handled and the short turn around until we are reimbursed. My family and friends are probably tiring of my continued litany about Trupanion Pet Insurance. We recommend Trupanion to everyone we know with furry friends. -Diane G.

4 Ways to Survive the Dog Days of Summer

dog swimming lake river with stick weimaraner summerSummer is a pet’s favorite season, and the outdoors is his favorite place to play. Haven’t you seen your dog sitting by the front door with a longing look in his eyes? There are a ton of fun activities that you can enjoy with your dog, like biking, swimming and enjoying a relaxing day in the park. Read on for some of summer’s best dog-friendly activities.

Take a Bike Ride

Every dog loves to run and more often than not, they’re much faster than us mere bipeds. To give them a real challenge dust off your bike and pedal away with your pup. Running on a leash might not be the wisest thing to do, given the speed you will be traveling. Stick to roads that have little or no traffic and let your dog run freely. Try this only when you dog is trained and be sure that you trust him not to run away from you. Chasing a dog who doesn’t listen will not be fun.

Receiving Care the Moment it’s Needed

Sirius -  Stephanie Wilmore - Image 1

I noticed Sirius, my 1 year old chocolate lab, started limping fairly regularly on his left hind leg in early May.  Knowing what the symptoms of a “medial patella luxation” from six months prior when Sirius hurt his other leg, I knew this was not going to be an easy summer.

A Full-Speed Comeback

Bella - Michelle Rosen - Image 2

Our children moved out a while ago so we adopted new ones, Bruno and Bella, our chocolate labs. They became irreplaceable. Bella could have been a competitor in dock jumping competitions, where the dog runs the length of a pier and jumps for a baton and they measure it…her enthusiasm is incredible. She doesn’t have an energy dial, it’s on full blast or off.  Consequently she has torn both ACLs and had one meniscus repair.

She’s been a trooper during her recent double-surgery recovery and she can’t wait to get out and run and swim. If not for the folks at Trupanion, she may have been left with very limited mobility, which would’ve been heartbreaking for a dog with her spirit. Bella is on her way to a full comeback and even though she doesn’t know who Trupanion is, she knows she can run again. Thank Trupanion for being one of the few insurance companies that does what it says.

Sandy, Paul, and Bella B.

Mansfield, Massachusetts

Enrolled: February 2012
Condition: Torn Knee Ligaments
Total Paid: $10,312.80

Bella - Michelle Rosen - Image 1

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 8/29

thank you TRUPANION! you just paid my surgery and made my family’s life so much easier. you are the best company! my mommy has recommended your company to all her coworkers! woof and many blessings to you all! Love, Max Arias

Whenever your pet has an injury or illness, it can be a very stressful time. It is such a relief to know your insurance company will be there. Miss Ellie and I are so thankful for Trupanion.

Miss Ellie was diagnosed with Grade 4 Medial Luxating Patella in both knees. Having your coverage made the only decision we had to make was WHEN Ellie would have surgery, not COULD our family afford it. Her left knee was repaired in May and her right knee was repaired last Wednesday. Even the little surprise Cranial Cruciate Ligament tear was covered. This photo was taken just after waking up from anesthesia on her road to recovery.

It is such a relief to be able to make decisions regarding my pet’s health based on what is best for her and her quality of life rather than what our family can afford to spend. Thank you Trupanion for all you do for pet’s and their families!

I recommend you to all my friends and family who have pets and are looking for a great carrier with outstanding coverage and fast claim processing. –Courtney G.

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie

I am a huge Trupanion fan! Their customer service is outstanding and after years of being with another insurance company that paid no claims Trupanion has approved my dog’s cataract surgery! Thanks for making me believe in pet insurance again!!!! More money to rescue another dog :)))) –Laurie S.

@Trupanion SO happy to have #petinsurance. My cat developed kidney disease and you guys covered a BIG portion of a $2500 vet bill! Thanks -@bikergirl600RR

Wow, thank you Trupanion! Within an hour of having a torn ACL diagnosed in my Rottie/Pit Bull mix Yancy, we were pre-approved for the surgery. $3,700 TPLO surgery and we’ll be responsible for $370. Thank you, Trupanion, you made a stressful situation much easier to deal with. –Jeanine F.