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Getting Active with Your Dog – Part 1

Nearly 9 in 10 pet owners see their pets as members of the family, but how many think of them as exercise partners?

54% of dog owners state that owning a dog keeps them active and dog owners are also 34% more likely to reach the federal benchmarks on physical activity.

Are you making the most of your time together however? Here’s why you should get fit with your dog.

A Basset with Nine Lives

Bertie-basset-houndBertie strongly denies the rumors. Despite what they say, he is not a cat dressed up in a (very elegant) Basset Hound suit. He does lay claim to the canine equivalent of a cat’s nine lives, but he will not admit to being one.

He agrees, though, that he’s one of the luckiest, most stubborn dogs around. Lucky because he’s had Trupanion at his back and Campus Estates Animal Hospital beside him, for the twelve and a half years of his life; stubborn because no matter what befalls him, he just won’t give up. It’s nothing to do with nine lives. No.

From a nasty liver infection that involved his gall bladder having to be removed (he spent his tenth birthday in surgery), to an episode of full-blown bloat (more surgery when he was almost 12), to a bout of pneumonia, and other odds and ends before and after … Bertie has been there, done that, and is still wagging his big Basset tail.

Nose down; tail up and wagging. Stubborn? You bet.

Grateful to everyone at Campus Estates Animal Hospital and to Trupanion? Eternally.

A cat in disguise? Never.

-Written by Muriel N.-


Guelph, ON
Enrolled: March 2005
Condition: Allergies, Arthritis, Hypothyroid and Hepatitis, Chronic Liver Disease
Trupanion Paid: $47,116.93

How to Choose the Best Airline for Your Pet

best-airlines-pets Our pets are more part of our families than ever. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Harris Poll, 95% of U.S. pet owners consider their pet to be “one of us”. Increasingly we are treating our pets like our children and so understandably finding the best and safest way for them to fly is a top priority.

In which case, when you plan your next family trip what option should you choose for your pet?

Why Interactive Toys are the Best Life Hack for Pet Owners

dog-play-food-toyA Bored Dog is an Unhappy Dog

Like you, your dog has a mind, and like you, she craves mental stimulation. Without any stimulation your dog can get bored, and if left to her own devices your bored dog might try:

  • Playing “how many barks in a row can I bark?”
  • Digging up your garden or flowerbed
  • Sampling your shoe collection, savoring the flavor and texture of each shoe
  • Emptying all the trash cans in your house

You are responsible for keeping your dog’s mind stimulated, or you risk your bored dog coming up with her own entertainment, whatever that ends up being. While usually the consequences of a bored dog might be simply a nuisance, for some dogs, the effects of boredom can be much, much worse. Some bored dogs cause house destruction on an epic scale, leading to costly headaches or even surrender of the dog. Other dogs experience emotional disorders or develop compulsive behaviors. If you have seen the effects of any of these, then you know how devastating boredom can be for dogs. It’s tragic, especially because we often have the tools to prevent our dogs from becoming bored.

A Different Perspective: Why the Veterinary Community Should Open Up to Medical Insurance for Cats and Dogs

wall-at-animal-hospitalGeorge Bailey and his wife, Sonnya Dennis, DVM, DABVP, have co-owned and managed AHAA accredited Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital in Newfields, New Hampshire since 1996. The boutique veterinary hospital serves cat and dog owners across the region.
“With no boarding, grooming, or retail offerings, we try to be as close to your own physician’s office as we can. I think this is the model of success for going forward in private practice,” said George. “[We] speak to those who treat pets as a member of the family.”
Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital has followed the pet insurance industry since they got started. Bailey and his wife have had insurance for their own pets since 1995 and got a group policy for their staff in 1996. They’ve consistently supported insurance but believed the first products on the market were in their own words, “woefully inadequate.” They wanted a product that functioned more like human health insurance for pets.

George has seen the industry develop from the ground up, and seen the impact it can have on a veterinary hospital when done right. We took a moment to talk to George about medical insurance for cats and dogs and how Trupanion Express is making a difference.