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7 Pets Showing their Silly Side for April Fool’s Day

April Fools Day is a day for pranks and laughs. While our pets won’t intentionally prank us, they can definitely make us laugh! So for this week’s giveaway, we asked you to send in a silly or foolish photo of your pet. Our winner will be randomly selected, but we wanted to share some of our favorite photos here!

Abby, shared by Dayle P.

Abby, shared by Dayle P.

Photo shared by Christina R.

Photo shared by Christina R.

Forrest, shared by E G.

Forrest, shared by E G.

Hershey, shared by Leigh P.

Hershey, shared by Leigh P.

Ryder the TP stealer, shared by Jessica T.

Ryder the TP stealer, shared by Jessica T.

Stella, shared by Jen G.

Stella, shared by Jen G.

Shared by Tessa R.

Shared by Tessa R.

Has your pet ever done something ridiculously funny? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

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Los Angeles Apartments for Pet Lovers Only

No pet, no rent. Renters with pets are well aware of the challenges they may face when trying to find a suitable place to live that will allow their furry four-legger. Many apartment complexes have breed restrictions, size restrictions, or simply do not allow pets at all. But this apartment complex is completely the opposite: it won’t let you live there if you don’t have a pet!

According to LA Daily News, Judy Guth, a property owner of a 12-apartment complex in North Hollywood loves pets and will only allow tenants with dogs or cats to rent her apartments. “My experience has told me you get people with a lot of love in their hearts when you get pet owners,” said Guth. In fact, when a tenant’s pet passes away, Guth will join the renter when they go on a trip to the animal shelter to adopt their next pet.

Concerned that this may be discrimination against non-pet owners? Rest easy that there are no laws being broken. The Federal Fair Housing Act says it’s illegal to discriminate based on race, color, nationality, sex, religion, disability, and familial status, but there is no mention of pet ownership!

Though the Los Angeles complex currently has no vacancy, it certainly sets a good example for other apartment managers in the area to step up their game if they want to compete for pet-owning renters. As pet lovers who bring our dogs and cats to work, the people of Trupanion would love to see more apartment buildings with open arms for pets!

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How to Take an Awesome Pet Photograph

how to take an awesome pet photographClearly, your pet is the most adorable, hilarious and smartest pet in the world, but does the world know that? There’s only one-way to find out: by taking the most awesome pet photograph anyone has ever seen and then share it far and wide.

So, whether you’re looking to document your cat, dog, cow, giraffe or whatever critter you keep close to home, follow this helpful guide to capture amazing, professional-looking photos from subjects that are usually reluctant to strike a pose:

1. Getting Your Pet to Cooperate

Continue reading “How to Take an Awesome Pet Photograph” »

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Packing for a Doggie Day Trip

irie-inksSpring weather means temperate weather, fields of wildflowers—and growing wanderlust. As the weather warms, we always feel ourselves tugged by the urge to travel with our dogs, including great day trips close to home. We love exploring back roads, parks, and dog-friendly destinations of our region—a day’s vacation for often no more cost than the expense of a tank of gas.

Just as if you were planning an extended vacation with your dog, though, it pays to do some pre-trip planning for your day trip as well. We keep a backpack stocked with day trip items so we can hit the road with Irie and Tiki at a moment’s notice. Our daypack includes:

Cleanup essentials. A roll of paper towels, a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer, and plenty of poop bags make up our cleanup kit. We also keep an old towel at the ready for muddy paws and for drying off after a swim. Continue reading “Packing for a Doggie Day Trip” »

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Now Trending: Excessive Social Media Use in Pets

In an effort to remain aligned with the most recent veterinary recommendations, Trupanion updated their coverage plan to include any medical conditions sustained from extreme social media use.  Sachiko Eubanks Photography

Pets, specifically dogs and cats, make up a growing percentage of those creating new social media accounts throughout North America, and recent reports show that veterinarians are seeing an increased rate of injuries and conditions related to the excessive use of computers and mobile devices.

Physical injuries previously unseen in companion animals are appearing across North America, and many cases are related to blogging, tweeting, snapchatting, texting, and instagramming habits. “It has been said that pets take on the characteristics of their owners. After hearing of the health problems excessive social media use has caused humans, I worried about the issues it could be creating for our four legged companions, who are also heavy users,” said Darryl Rawlings, Trupanion Founder and CEO. “Once I saw the data, it became clear to me we needed to immediately update our policy to be there for these pets who are suffering.”

Continue reading “Now Trending: Excessive Social Media Use in Pets” »

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Why Did My Premium Change? – Frequently Asked Questions

How is my premium calculated?

Each pet is evaluated individually based on several factors:  your pet’s breed, age at enrollment, gender, your geographical location, and the amount you selected for your deductible (if any). You also can get a discount on your premium if your pet is spayed or neutered.

Continue reading “Why Did My Premium Change? – Frequently Asked Questions” »

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This Week in Testimonials – 3/28

Thank you @Trupanion Our Brandi Bear is on her final road to Recovery! -@PanekAshley


If you have a pet, I highly recommend @Trupanion to help cover any large unforeseen veterinary needs! Thx @Trupanion! -@merove


I had to say goodbye to my Major for the last time on March 14th, 2014. He was my true love, the love of my life. He never left my side during my own battle with cancer. He gave me the will to fight on. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Thank you Trupanion and Partridge Animal Hospital for giving us the extra time together. I cannot say enough about how thankful we are for Dr. Partridge and for you, Trupanion, in keeping your word to pay 90% of Major’s ACTUAL expenses after the deductible. My heart is broken… but I can say that my Major had the best of care. We had 15 great years together and this would not have been possible without Partridge Animal Hospital and Trupanion. I will miss you my little buddy. -Melissa S.


Thank you Trupanion and your staff for supporting my Sullivan (and me) this past week with his surgery. He was just home from the procedure in this photo but is almost back to his old self. Your team was prompt, efficient and very helpful in a very stressful time and we both thank you. -Natalie B.


Thank you to everyone at Trupanion! Scarlett was rather sick last week and had two visits to her vet’s office. Not only did your organization acknowledge the invoices promptly but they also followed up to see how she was doing!! Thank you, Scarlett’s Mom!


I was at my vets office yesterday and we were talking about pet insurance…I told him about my experiences with Trupanion and he was so impressed that he said he was going to recommend Trupanion to any patient’s parent who asked. Just though I would share that. -Barbara B.

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How do you take your tea– with a kitten?

jiu_rf_photo_of_cat_looking_at_coffeeCat lovers in San Francisco are looking forward to the opening of the United States’ first ever cat café. What is a cat café? Made popular in Japan which has over 100 of these, a cat café is a place where patrons can go to get their coffee or tea fix and their cat fix! The establishment supplies the beverages and the cats and all you have to do is show up with a little bit of cash and plenty of love to give. While many city dog lovers have found dog-friendly patios and happy hours to which their pooch can accompany them, cat lovers are still out of options– until now.

KitTea is a kitten-filled tea house project that is currently still fundraising, but proposed to open in Summer 2014. If all goes according to plan, Bay Area cat lovers can visit, relax, and sip on tea while being entertained by the antics of young kittens. What’s even better is that all of the felines will be adoptable which is a great way to get cats and kittens into homes.

Many cat lovers all over North America have been wishing for a cat café to pop up in their area and think that San Francisco is a great place to start. I can confidently speak for the rest of Trupanion that we hope this idea will catch on so we can have a local kitty café in Seattle sometime soon! 

What are your thoughts on the idea? Would you visit a cat café? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Pearly Whites: How to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums Healthy

pearly whitesA healthy pet is a happy pet, but one place that pet owners often overlook when it comes to good health is the teeth and gums area. Proper care of your pet’s teeth and gums can prevent disease, prevent bad breath and lead to an overall better life for your dog or cat. Here are some tips on how to keep your pets’ teeth and gums healthy.

1. Check Monthly
One way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy is to stop problems in their tracks. A monthly examination of the mouth can do this. Things to look for include bad breath, cysts or tumors, missing or loose teeth, redness and inflammation and too much moisture or drool. Continue reading “Pearly Whites: How to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums Healthy” »

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Raisin Ingestion

GusGus, a soft coated wheaten terrier puppy, gobbled up a box of yogurt covered raisins on the last day of his 30-day certificate coverage. The pup was admitted to the veterinary hospital for 48 hours of fluid therapy and kidney monitoring. Luckily for his owners, his timing was just right and he was still covered.

The exact toxin that makes raisins and grapes poisonous to dogs is unknown, but it can lead to lethargy, vomiting, and in some cases, renal failure.

Different dogs are affected to varying degrees, and it is important to seek veterinary care immediately. Gus was rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic to induce vomiting and receive treatment to hydrate his kidneys and prevent kidney failure.

Soon after the incident, Gus recovered and was back to being his mischievous puppy self.

Total claim amount: $1,497.70
Deductible applied: -$0
Ineligible costs (Exam fees): -$78
10% co-insurance: -$141.97
Trupanion repaid: $1,277.73

Thank you Lynne for letting us share Gus’ story!

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