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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Foxtail Between Dog’s Toes

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Daisy the 3-year-old Goldendoodle recently made a visit to the vet due to paw pain. Daisy was licking at her front paw and displaying discomfort, so her owner decided it would be best to get it checked out. Upon further examination, it was found that Daisy had gotten a foxtail grass awn stuck between her toes!

Foxtails are grass seeds that can easily cling to pet fur and burrow in between paw pads, into noses or ears, or other parts of a pet’s body. They cause great pain and discomfort. In a very serious case, they can make their way into the bloodstream and cause serious complications. It is best to keep grass mowed and prevent contact with foxtails.

Fortunately, Daisy received immediate veterinary care and they were able to remove the foxtail and treat the wound. We wish her a swift recovery!

Total claim amount: $801.37
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$168.63
10% co-insurance: -$63.28
Eligible for coverage: $569.47

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 8/1

@Trupanion -with out you guys #rouxdog wouldn’t be alive and be able to sit funky -@kiwinky


Just filed my first claim for Yancy, the poor guy pulled his groin. The new over the phone claim process was so fast and easy. Thank you Rachel! -Jeanine F.

Thank you @Trupanion for helping with the bills for Schatzi’s misadventures! -@AnaGlezz


Molly is 15 and has been insured by Trupanion for 2 years. She recently was diagnosed with kidney disease. Trupanion has paid her vet bills like clock work. I just received notice that our policy will be renewed with the same premiums as last year. It makes me sad when Trupanion sends get well emails because I know full recovery is unlikely, but it makes me happy that Trupanion is sticking with us. Buying a Trupanion policy is one of the best decisions I’ve made. -Judy H.


Plankton has been insured with trupanion a few years now.After being insured for over a year with zero medical issues- last summer Plankton was diagnosed with epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, and 2 kinds of cardio myopathies- all within a few months of each other. Thanks to Trupanion covering 90 percent of all his medications and continuous vet care- Plankton is just as happy as can be. He gets the best care from an amazing vet and Trupanion makes it all possible so we don’t have to worry about him getting medical care. Thank you! -Jen J.


In September of this year, I will have had a policy on my two Labs for one year. Both are happy and healthy. (Thankfully, I have not had to make a claim). In this amount of time, my rates have dropped TWICE! Maybe they should have considered turning the Healthcare policies over to you ;). Thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work! -J.K.

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Pet Paws Photos

We love paws! And to celebrate those cute, furry feet that help get your pet from point A to point B (you!) we decided to collect your pet paw photos for this week’s giveaway.

Have a look at all of the wonderful photos we received this week!

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Tips To Keep Your Aging Dog Comfortable And Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Aging Dog Comfortable And HealthyLike us, dogs need a little extra care as they age. Dogs, however, can’t ask for what they need. Instead, you must figure it out, which can be tricky. To make sure your dog fully enjoys their last few years, it’s important to be proactive with their health. To make it easier, here are six things you can do to keep your aging dog happy and healthy.

Know When Seniority Begins

Continue reading “Tips To Keep Your Aging Dog Comfortable And Healthy” »

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Help Your Dog Beat the Heat with These Summertime Dog Toys

The summer is an exciting season for you and your furry friend to spend some quality time outdoors. It is important to keep your pet cool and comfortable during these hot days. Learn about these 7 toys that were made for you and your pooch to help make this summer fun while staying cool:



1. Multipet Chilly Bone—This durable and reusable canvas bone is a perfect toy for your dog on warm days. Simply soak this toy and freeze it and have a fun toy to help keep your pet cool throughout the summer. The Chilly Bone also promotes healthy teeth and gums and is perfect for teething puppies! Continue reading “Help Your Dog Beat the Heat with These Summertime Dog Toys” »

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The Third Annual Walk for Old Dogs

Trupanion 041

Once again, Trupanion had a great time at Old Dog Haven’s largest event, Walk for Old Dogs. Pet lovers and pooches of all ages crowded Downtown Bellevue Park to enjoy a beautiful day while supporting Old Dog Haven. The event was a huge success and exceeded the fundraising goal of $50,000 to help senior dogs in need. Continue reading “The Third Annual Walk for Old Dogs” »

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A Lifelong Commitment to a Loved One

Bella - Drew Bowles - Image 1

If you are thinking of adopting a pet, remember this is long-term commitment and your pet becomes a part of your family.  I highly recommend Trupanion Insurance for your pet.

We have had other pets before and spent a fortune on their care. When we brought home our yellow lab puppy, Bella, she seemed very healthy.  My daughter and our veterinarian at Westside Animal Hospital advised us to get the insurance. We are so glad we did. Continue reading “A Lifelong Commitment to a Loved One” »

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Pet Insurance Claim: Trupanion Employee’s Puppy Ingested Corn Cob


A few months ago, a Trupanion employee brought home this beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and named him Rainier. Being that he is young and a dog means that he is likely to be curious, especially when it comes to food items!

InstagramCapture_e044ee47-56e5-4fc0-bfa9-d9c5aaedb9b0_jpgRainier ate a corn cob which resulted in a trip to the vet. His care consisted of radiographs to assess the problem, and surgery to remove the pieces of corn cob because they were unable to pass through his digestive system. Rainier stayed at the vet hospital overnight to recover.

We hope he feels 100% very soon so that he can come back to work and grace the office with his cuteness!

Total claim amount: $3,062.39
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$99.00
10% co-insurance: -$296.34
Eligible for coverage: $2,667.05

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of July 25

I love Trupanion and I recommend for this company for pet insurance. An insurance company reveals their true character when its time to file a claim. Unfortunately, I had to file some claims but I feel Trupanion is right there with me. Their reps have been Angels. A special thanks to Amber! Thank you Facebook admin! Thank you Mr Rawlings CEO! -Jonathan P.


Trupanion is the BEST. My Baby Boy Ozzy had surgery on his left rear knee. Vista Veterinary Specialist in Sacramento, CA. He is now running around and no problems. Thank you to Trupanion and Vista veterinary Specialist. You both ROCK!!!! -Roland C.


Lombardi & his family are so grateful to have Trupanion! Even though he hasn’t needed to use it yet, it really helps us enjoy life stress-free, knowing that if anything were to happen, Trupanion would help take care of us! -Jennifer A.


My poor Titan after elbow surgery. I just adopted him a few months ago after he was dumped at the shelter. Little did I know he was going to start limping 2 months later with bilateral elbow dysplasia. Thanks to Trupanion and my awesome veterinarian, he is on his way to recovery! Your coverage is hands down the best. Thank you so much!!! -Liz B.

Another great interaction with Trupanion while handling a claim and answering questions over the phone. Thanks Carmen! -Kayla B.

Cannot speak highly enough of Trupanion! Took my dog to the vet at 8:30am this morning, vet submitted claim electronically, and there’s already a check en-route – a mere 2 hours later.
Absolutely fair, reasonably priced, and truly dependable. All too rare in the insurance industry – thankyou! -Alistair G.

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Joining CityDog Magazine’s Dog Day on Elliott Bay

CityDog Summer Muttmixer Logo

Trupanion will be joining CityDog Magazine on Sunday, July 27th, for Dog Day on Seattle’s Elliott Bay!

This Annual Summer Mutt Mixer with Argosy Cruises and Alki Tours begins with a scenic journey along Seattle’s waterfront. The cruise will depart at 11:00 a.m. aboard the M/V Lady Mary, Pier 55, Seattle Waterfront.

The first stop is Blake Island, a state park filled with miles of sandy beaches and beautiful trails. After exploring, everybody (including dogs!) will be treated to a tasty lunch at Tillicum Village around 2:00 pm.

If you’re planning to attend the event, stop by our table located on the lower deck! Trupanion will be providing information about our services and holding a raffle. Click here to get more information!

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