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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/20

Trupanion-It’s simply the best!! BIG SHOUT OUT. Cannot say enough good things about Trupanion. When our dog was diagnosed with cancer, Trupanion enabled us to provide him with the absolutely best care available. Every Dog lover should have this coverage. -Marty B.

Puppy Love on Valentines. ..little Bear shares mama Bella s pillow wt her…after the surgery to remove 4 lumps on her inner legs…Thanks to the team at Trupanion for helping me keep my old pup healthy. ..♡♡♡♡♡ -Michele P.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20

Thank you to the BEST pet insurance you can have!!! TRUPANION. Without this insurance valentinos $4400 bill would of crippled me. For all those that have pets or want a pet get TRUPANION INSURANCE!!! They are amazing!!!! -Ileen E.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20

Jasper says thank you so much for saving my life & covering all my medical costs such as a tummy bloat & allergies!! Couldn’t be more thankful! thank you Trupanion! -Caitlin M.


Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20


Feel bad for yet another friend’s pet needing expensive surgery… Really wish everyone had @Trupanion. -@Stefaniya

I cannot stop recommending Trupanion to everyone in our puppy class! Here is Qubit! Don’t be fooled by his goofy tired look. He is 100% pneumonia free and back to his old crazy self. -Dorothy C.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20

So glad to be back in my favorite spot after almost two weeks in the ICU! Thank you @trupanion and BluePearl vets for saving my life! -@jamesearljones_thefrenchie

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20

If only our own health insurance took such good care Of us as they do of our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Lucy. Trupanion goes above and beyond to assist and cover the various ailments that occur. Thank You Trupanion. -Nancy K.

Here it is. My periodic plug for pet insurance. In general, pet insurance won’t cover routine stuff like checkups or vaccines. It can, however, help mitigate costs in the event of illness or injury. You can budget for the routine stuff, but unforeseen expenses are …well, unforeseen. I heartily recommend Trupanion for several reasons. While it might seem like just another expense, this could help relieve a bit of stress about money when and if you have to seek veterinary care. -Kerry S.

Thank you Trupanion, Diesel had a foreign body surgery yesterday, before the surgery was even complete your staff was calling me to let me know he would be covered & to make sure I give him a kiss from you. Thank you for the services you provide! & having the most caring staff <3 You helped save my Diesels life. Today I am thankful for you being apart of our lives. <3 -Michelle T.

It’s not at all an exaggeration to say that your insurance coverage saved my Dexter’s life. Again and again, I am grateful for my Trupanion coverage and will never have another pet without it. Dex and I thank you very, VERY much! -Lauren H.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20

Thank you Trupanion, without you I would not be able to treat my Casey’s seizures the way he deserves…you are the best… -Rose C.

A very sweet care package just showed up for Jones from @Trupanion (which he promptly tried to eat)! -@EdTechBSt

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20


Trupanion is so great–they’re truly live-saving -@pfindling

#tbt to my first vet check up. My heart sounded great this day, but several months later the vet would hear a very loud heart murmur on exam. Thank goodness for @trupanion pet insurance! -@dieselthebulldogvan

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 2/20



When a Veterinarian’s Pet Gets Sick

Gage“A lot of people think being a veterinarian means you get free veterinary care. The reality is that nothing is inherently free. We still use drugs and supplies that come with a cost, and we still pay other veterinary specialists for their services when helping with our own pets.

I started looking into veterinary health insurance three years ago as a service to my clients. I wanted to have answers and have a recommendation for what I believed was the best company to use. After thorough research, I decided Trupanion was the easiest and best option. The more I read about the company, the more I thought about my aging dog and what he may need in the future. As a veterinarian, I would want to do whatever I needed to do for him, and therefore, pet insurance may be a good way for me to guard against the potential costs.

Low and behold, we activated the account and in less than a year, my best friend and Border Collie, Gage, got into the trash and became sick. Radiographs quickly identified a foreign object and a need for surgery. The surgery went well and after 2 days of care in our hospital and in the local EC, Gage recovered uneventfully. I got some discounts along the way, but ultimately there were still many hard costs that accrued but Trupanion didn’t bat an eye about paying for the care and services he had.

I thank Trupanion for their great care and support. I believe so much in what they provide and try to pass that on to our customers every day. If it makes sense for me, it should make sense for most.”

John F., DVM

Austin, Texas

Enrolled: July 2013
Condition: Intestinal Obstruction
Trupanion Paid: $1,164.03

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/13

Slightly graphic, and going to give everyone a short#PSA slash update. My first growth mom discovered was over this summer on my vulva (most awkward phone call ever) and it came back positive as a plasma cell tumor. Few months later when putting my boots on, the second growth was discovered. We postponed having the surgery until after the holidays because no one wants to travel with a sick pup between colorado and minnesota and back to colorado. That’s why in some old pictures you can see I’m wearing a boot to prevent it from cracking open and bleeding on things, it didn’t bother me (didn’t lick it or nothing) but just was gross and didn’t want it to get infected. In the between time mom found the small one growing on my front paw as well, would be addressed at next appointment on our return. Everything was removed cleanly and I’m currently 100% cancer free. Lucky for us grandpa help foot the bill a bit and we are in the clear for now. Now for the PSA; if we had gotten insurance when I was first acquired, majority of my costs would have been covered. Torn CCL (TPLO surgery), chipped tooth(root canal), and now plasma cell tumors arising all willy-nilly. So please please please if you don’t want to be poor forever and take care of us fur babies, take the time to look into insurance. We just signed Stanley (the #GSD) up for about $60 a month and a $200 deductible with #trupanion. That’s less than the cost of his food every month and it will cover potential hereditary issues down the road. The man-friend and mom didn’t want to make the same mistake twice! I’ll get off my pedistool now… Off to enjoy a walk with my little #velociraptordigit!!! -@cali.thepitifulpit

If you think all insurance companies are cold and impersonal… think again!

We received this amazing personally handwritten card from our pet insurer @trupanion today.  I have been a Trupanion client for years and with my last senior rescue we worked together tirelessly to spread the word about his illness and encourage veterinarians to find a cure. At 9 years old Pete was diagnosed with IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemoglobic Anemia). IMHA is a very horrible immune disease without any know cause or cure. 80% of those diagnosed pass away within 7 days.. the disease can take hold in as few as 4 hours.  Pete needed 3 blood transfusions in his first 5 days; he battled IMHA and survived for 2 years! He passed Christmas 2013. We submitted over 20k in insurance claims and still Trupanion supported us. Over a year later they’re still fighting for Pete, as are are we, and got his story published in Integrative Veterinary Care Journal magazine (IVC). We can’t say enough about this amazing pet insurance company! Integrative Veterinary Care Journal is the #1 publication covering the rapidly expanding integrative veterinary field. This magazine bridges the gap between allopathic and holistic veterinary care and provides veterinarians and vet technicians cutting edge information on ways to enhance their practice to include traditional & holistic health care.
If you want more info on IMHA visit ic.upei.ca/cidd/disorder/immune-mediated-hemolytic-anemia-imha -@lexy_the_elderbull

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/14

A friend’s pup has lymphoma and @trupanion has paid for so much of his treatment. They sends ‘thank you for taking such good care of Chip’ notes to them along with the cheques. Classy! -@rudyspaletas

Thank-you for filling my last 2 claims so quickly – not even 24 hours after they were submitted. That was claim #125 and #126 for us. Eeek -Michelle E.

Pure…pure love, pure joy, pure inspiration, pure heart. My Maddie girl is the light of my life! Thanks to Trupanion. After she was hit by a car and suffered vertebral and femur fractures, I was able to give her the surgeries she needed (even though the vet told me to euthanize b/c the chances of her using her back legs were <5%…who cares! As long as she’s not in pain!!) Anyway, I appreciate, to this day, the help and support from Trupanion b/c it allowed me to keep this sweet, pure, soul in my life. We are eternally grateful!! P.S. Maddie walks just fine, she isn’t 100% with back legs but euthanasia would have killed one of the most loving, feisty, adaptable, inspiring beings that has persevered and conquered so many hurdles. She is constantly progressing and amazes me every day!!! -Kristine G.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/14

You folks ROCK!!!!!! Thank you!!! Here’s a pic of Sobek (L) and Stella Mae (R), they say thank YOU too! -Fanna E.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/14

Maximus Grewal thanks you Trupanion for providing his medical insurance – @maximus_the_pitbull_

Trupanion Reviews - Week of  2/14

I just wanted to say how great Trupanion has been with Whiskey’s cancer treatments. She is going to University of Guelph for her treatments which is one of the best cancer clinics for animals in the world. It is such a relief to know her treatments are covered so the doctors and I can focus on quality of life for her. Many times while sitting in the waiting room while our family pets to have their treatments, the people get to talking. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it is to see and hear people having to stop treatments because of financial issues. We love our pets and I hope that no one has to put their pet down because of the money. Get insured. -Lauraine J.


Wow @Trupanion! We submitted claims for our dog this morning & already got our payment emails sent to us. Now that’s great customer service! -@AmandaGorun

Thank you Trupanion for all you do! We were not expecting a get-well package for our little girl. The Fur babies will love these gifts!! Cheers!

Shaun, Michael, Baker, Putt Putt, Nadia and Millie

Trupanion Reviews - Week of  2/14

Lillie, on the left, just had emergency surgery. With thanks to Trupanion for helping with the cost!! And that’s her buddy Ronan sitting next to her. -Jani B.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of  2/13


I <3 you, Trupanion. Thank you for insuring me, Stella The Therapy Dog, as an American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards winner! (My baby brother is insured with you, too.) Happy Valentine’s Day!! -Stella The Therapy Dog

Trupanion Reviews - Week of  2/13

Pets Showing Their Game Day Spirit

What’s cuter than pets dressed in clothes? Pets dressed to support their favorite team! We asked to see how your pet shows their game day spirit, so here’s a slideshow of cats and dogs in game day attire:

Created with flickr slideshow.


Does your pet dress up to support a sports team?

Giving Ginger a Healthy New Start

Ginger Lizette“I had recently lost a family pet who had been with us for 15 years. We loved her dearly but the veterinary bills were horrific. I decided in time that I wanted to have another dog—preferably a Chihuahua, they are high maintenance. My husband and I went to The Greater Huntsville Humane Society and adopted an 18 month old Chihuahua mix whose prior owner neglected and left her.

The shelter told us about Trupanion and how they were such a good company. We read the information and decided to give Trupanion a try. We have not had any regrets. There were some things that needed taking care of to get Ginger into shape, however, Trupanion was true to their word and Ginger Lizette is the better for it. We love our baby. We highly recommend Trupanion. If you say you can’t afford it, you can’t afford not to have insurance.

Thanks Trupanion for your services.”

Brent and Gena H.


Madison, Alabama

Enrolled: February 2014
Condition: Paw inflammation, skin condition, dry cough
Trupanion Paid: $817.85