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A Focus on Health

Dallas' Pet Insurance Story“I have had two dogs (soon to be three) covered by Trupanion since 2010. I signed up because a year earlier, my 10-year-old German Shepherd cost me over $3,000 in tests and exploratory surgery when I took her to the veterinarian because she wasn’t feeling well. It would have been closer to $10,000 but she was put to rest on the operating table when we realized she was too sick to recover.

Being faced with such a large bill was very difficult financially, but I just couldn’t put a seemingly healthy dog down because I couldn’t afford it. That’s what made me decide to look into pet insurance. After an exhaustive search, I chose Trupanion for their simple plan, 90% coverage, no payout limits, and ability to choose my deductible. I kept the deductible high, to keep my monthly payments lower.

Since I’ve been on the plan, my Bernese Mountain Dog, Dallas, has had three knee surgeries and was recently diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma. Trupanion has saved me over $12,000 and counting. It is so wonderful not to stress over the cost of the treatment plan my veterinarian hands to me. I can focus on what needs to be done to help my dog get healthy again.

Trupanion customer service has always been kind, helpful, and supportive. The claims process is easy and I always get my reimbursement within two weeks. I can’t thank them enough for all that they do, and I would recommend them hands down to anyone who loves their pet.”

A Part of Her Heart

Rosie's Pet Insurance Story“Late in April I brought my little girl Rosie into the emergency veterinary hospital because she was very lethargic. She was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) and they immediately gave her a blood transfusion to save her life. She then went on to have five more transfusions— one for each day she was in the hospital. She was transferred to a specialist hospital where an angel of a doctor took over her case. Whatever he did worked a miracle. She finally started to respond to the immune-suppressing drugs and her immune system stopped attacking her.

According to a veterinarian at the first hospital, they had never seen such an aggressive case of IMHA. Her case was discussed by many around the country and they were surprised at the fact that I was not giving up on her despite the financial and emotional strain.

I had a very rough week but not as rough as she did. We just recently had a follow-up exam and I am ecstatic to say that she is not only holding her own but she is now producing red blood cells and the drugs are working beautifully! She is in total remission!

I am writing this for a couple of reasons: I want everyone to always be aware of any signs of illness because if I had waited even a few hours after she exhibited signs she would have died before I got her to the hospital.

I also want everyone who has a pet to really consider getting pet insurance. My final bill was almost $14,000. I have Trupanion and they covered 90% of the cost, no questions asked. And because of the type of administration system they have at the veterinary hospital, it was paid before we even left with her. I only had the balance to take care of. It was such a relief through the whole ordeal to not have to worry about the cost and to have the freedom to choose life for my beloved little Rosie. She is a huge part of my heart!

If you have any doubts at all just look at your pet and answer this: Would you be willing to give up their life just because you couldn’t afford the bill? The doctors saved her but Trupanion allowed it to happen.”

Do You Have a Great Homemade Pumpkin Pet Treat Recipe?

homemade dog treats

This fall season, as you obsess over your pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin-flavored baked goods, your pooch or kitty may feel a little left out. Chances are they’d fancy a treat made with the flavors of fall too.

Homemade Dog Treats with a Pumpkin Twist

Treat your furry friend to a pumpkin dog treat or homemade cat treat and win a prize at the same time. Do you have an awesome DIY autumn pet treat recipe? We want to hear from you!. From pumpkin peanut butter dog treats to cat treat recipes that will make your kitty’s belly purr, we want to from all culinary pet treat innovators.

Submit your fall flavored cat or dog treat recipe between September 4, 2015 and October 1, 2015 for a chance to win a gift bag from us and have your recipe featured on our site and social media channels.

How to enter: Post your recipe on Trupanion’s Facebook page, Google+, or Instagram using the hashtag #PumpkinSpice4Pets. You will receive extra cool points if you include a photo of the treat! You can also enter by sending your DIY pet treat recipe via e-mail to socialmedia@trupanion.com. Lastly, you can submit it through the form below! We will select the top recipes and bake them ourselves for a taste test with our Trupanion office dogs. The treat most popular among our office dogs will be named the winner!

Looking for Inspiration? Give Our Pet Treat Recipe Page a Taste

Check out Trupanion’s Homemade Dog Treats Recipe page for some inspiration, including a recipe for peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats. Happy baking!

Puppy Problems in the First 30 Days

Hank's Pet Insurance Story“We adopted our English Bulldog, Hank, at the end of December, 2013. After a lot of researching for possible health issues from different breeders we found a very good breeder. When we brought Hank home we made an appointment with our veterinarian at Phoenix Animal Hospital. Once Hank was checked out and had his vaccinations, we were checking out with Susan the receptionist and she gave us a brochure about Trupanion’s 30-day certificate. I went on the website and I was surprised how easy it was to sign up.

After some time passed, Hank was having problems keeping his food down. Every time heate he would lose it within a half hour. We took him to the veterinarian for x-rays and tests, and were given medicine to treat symptoms of a virus. After a couple of days he was not better so we went back to the veterinarian. They ran a fluid through him and took x-rays to see if he had an intestine blockage but found nothing. After a few more days he came around and was able eat and play again. When we went to pick Hank up from the veterinarian Trupanion called to see if I wanted to enroll Hank with a policy. I forgot about the 30-day certificate! I told the lady it just so happens that I was on my way to pick Hank up from the veterinarian. She asked if he was doing better and told me I had 3 days left on the certificate and to be sure to send the claims in for Hank. It only took a little over a week and I got a check in the mail and I was reimbursed over $350 for a bill just over $400. After the incident we decided to continue with the insurance because you never know when something could happen.”

Meet the Star of Trupanion’s First-Ever TV Commercial, Stella!

Stella is an almost 10-month-old Labrador Retriever from Mission, British Columbia. Stella - Labrador Retriever

The Carreiros searched high and low for the perfect canine addition to their family until they finally found a breeder in Campbell River, BC. It was meant to be — the breeder was about to have their first litter and the family got the first pick, choosing Stella from the bunch.