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10 Cats with Natural Moustaches and Beards

Animals of all kinds have been gaining popularity when they have rare fur markings that make them unique and interesting. To participate in “Movember” or “no shave November”, we want to feature our feline friends that show off their moustaches or beards year round. Here’s a list of cats that have purr-fectly tamed facial hair:

1. The “Dignified Natural Moustache”

via flickr user meaganjean

via flickr user meaganjean

2. The “English Whisker Moustache”

via flickr user razorlilly

3. The “Walrus and Goatee”

via flickr user martyn

via flickr user martyn

4. The “Faux Santa Beard”

via flickr user the_whatsit

via flickr user the_whatsit

5. The “Flavor Saver Facial Hair”

via flickr user robynanderson

via flickr user robynanderson

6. The “Mustachio”

via flickr user somenametoforget

via flickr user somenametoforget

7. The “Petit Handlebar Moustache”

via flickr user bevgoodwin

via flickr user bevgoodwin

8. The “Glamorous Natural Beard”

Jasper, Trupanion office pet

9. The “Bushy Chin Puff”

via flickr user robynanderson

via flickr user robynanderson

10. The “Bearded Lion Mane”

via flickr user tambako

via flickr user tambako

One characteristic that all of these cats have in common is their incredible facial fur. Some of the moustaches are formed by their whiskers, others have natural fur markings in the shape of a moustache. For the most part, these cats are born with moustaches and beards by accident. However, the Domestic Shorthair and Persian cat breeds are more common to have naturally occuring beards and moustaches.

Does your cat have unique facial markings or fur patterns?

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 11/7

We don’t do much these days. I snuggle mom lots because something hurts and I’m not sure why….but momma keeps snuggling me and telling me it’ll all be fixed and I’ll feel better soon. Thanks trupanion for being there for my baby girl….TPLO surgery in a couple weeks -Julz T.

Just had my first support call with @Trupanion. What a great experience! I was on hold less than 10 seconds, and the rep was very helpful. -@jbruybal

SO happy with Trupanion! We had a very bad scare last week — it looked like bloat, which is scary under the best of circumstances, and even worse when you’ve got a 13-year-old dog. I worried that we wouldn’t be coming home from the ER, but thankfully, it turned out not to be bloat. However, the vet bill for this one day was a whopping $2,300! Thankfully, we have insurance, and Trupanion has come through again — the check was in the mail less than a week after the incident. I had pet insurance years ago with another company, and we found that company to be so dishonest, we didn’t consider pet insurance again for years. But Trupanion has lived up to our expectations, and the recommendations of friends — they pay what they’re supposed to, in a timely fashion, and don’t seem to be constantly looking for reasons not to pay. The people we’ve dealt with have been helpful, compassionate and lovely. We could not be more pleased with them!!! -Janice C.

Trupanion is the best. Insuring Kapri, my 3 year old Sheltie, Trupanion helped save her life -J.M.F.

Thanks @Trupanion for always being there for our insured clients and employee pets! You guys are wonderful to work with. #petinsurance #pets -@RandhurstAH

Cats take part in Movember

Whisker cat

Photo via flickr user helloturkeytoe

It’s that time of year again, November is upon us and the Movember mustache madness begins! You may notice loved ones and colleagues beginning to look distinctly hairy as they join in the yearly celebration of that great tradition of raising awareness and funds for men’s health.

However, men are not the only ones who can grow mustaches. Many cats naturally have very impressive ones, and this year we’d like to celebrate our feline friends and their whiskers alongside our menfolk for this year’s Movember.

Help us celebrate Movember this year by showing images of your cat’s mustache using the hashtag #MovemberCats. Regardless of whether your cat’s mustache is crazy, well-conditioned, big, small, black, white or multi coloured we want to see it!

Cat with mustache

Photo via flickr user thedyingswans

Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t have a mustache, simply get creative! Share them with us by posting on your social media channels and raise awareness for men’s health.

Remember to include the hashtag #MovemberCats!

Cat with yellow mustache

Photo via flickr user zhannamark

Biscuit’s Pet Insurance Story

There is one word that comes to mind when I think Trupanion.
We signed up Biscuit for Trupanion Insurance last September. We did so because we never wanted the decision to put her down to be based on money, but to be based on her quality of life She became ill at the April this year. She put up a courageous fight until September 8th. When we had to put her down due to elevated kidney counts. For 5 months Trupanion was there with us every step of the way. It didnt matter we were new policy holders. They paid what they said they would if we ever needed. They paid quickly. Quick enough to pay the credit card company when the bill came.
And in the end not only did the pay for the euthanasia. When I called they lent me a kind ear. The empathy on the other end of the phone meant the world to me when i was a having a difficult time dealing with our loss. Her kind words helped. We then received a hand written card expressing their sympathies. They very last check we received was for $9.00. It was for the unused portion of the month we didn’t use. We never would have expected and we never would have asked.
In keeping in step with the class and compassion that Trupanion shared with use we donated the euthanasia check and the $9.00 in Biscuit’s memory to a rescue organization for Pekingese.
We miss her every day. We thank Trupanion for giving us 5 additional months with Biscuit. Until her counts spiked they were a good 5 months.
I look forward to the day when we can do business together again, you can bet when we get our next dog we will have trupanion insurance.
Thank you
-Chris A.

Top Ten Bearded Dog Breeds

via flickr user danillocabrera

via flickr user danillocabrera

While people everywhere grow and showcase their moustaches and beards to raise awareness about health this November, man’s best friend is doing it too.

We want to feature those who show off their beards and moustaches 365 days a year in support of their humans—the top ten bearded dog breeds. Each breed is unique offering their own characteristics and their own health concerns to be aware of.  This November, these furry faces can help raise additional awareness about pet’s health, men’s health, and cancer prevention all while providing the same love and support they offer to their people every day.