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Top Ten Smartphone Apps for Dog Owners

Top Ten Smartphone Apps for Dog OwnersWe rely on smartphones for entertainment, education, lifestyle goals, and to help us complete simple daily tasks. It’s no surprise that now dog owners can use apps to make our lives easier as well. Here are ten great smartphone apps for you and your furry friend to enjoy:

  1. iClicker —Clicker training is a highly successful dog training method that works by rewarding the pup for good behavior. This app allows you to use these training methods right from your phone. It also includes training tutorials to help you use the features to get the most out of your training. Free for iPhone.

    Photo via iTunes

    Photo via iTunes

  1. MapMyDogwalk—Tracks any outdoor activities that you and your dog may encounter. The app gives you data such as distance, speed, time, calories burned, and route of your walk. You can even allow the app to give you motivation and update you throughout your adventure. This app is a fun way to help you and your dog stay in shape by exercising together! Free for iPhone and Android.

Dog Treats Vs. Poison Infographic

Dogs love to eat anything in sight, whether the food is healthy or dangerous. It is important to know what is safe to give your dog and the benefits and risks of common food items. Vet-Medic Pharmacy has put together a great resource to help educate dog owners on the facts of common food items and whether they are safe to give to your dog.

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Helping Ham Fight Chronic Infections

Hammie - XXX - Image 2

Hammie came to me as a 7-month-old puppy who had been locked in a basement for much of his short life.  I had to give him better. I immediately signed up for Trupanion.  I didn’t really know what to expect from the coverage, I figured it was best to have it in case he broke a leg. I assumed it was an expense I would probably not get back. Boy was I wrong!

Ham has been battling serious kidney issues for several months. If you have dealt with kidney disease, you know it is extremely complex and difficult to determine the cause, prognosis, and cure. Ham had multiple UTIs intertwined with a serious kidney infection.  We treated these all appropriately and diligently but the infections always crept back.  One specialist was certain that he had amyloidosis.  I was devastated. His kidney infection became so resistant that it would only respond to Meropenem— an extremely expensive antibiotic.  For seven weeks, I gave him two shots every eight hours. He was such a trooper. It was our last option.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 10/3

Just did some quick math @Trupanion pet insurance has saved us $8000.My boys just turned 2 #thanks #SeamusandLarry pic.twitter.com/4qDEF9seVT -@ames_liz


Thanks to Trupanion for being there for my Cooper … Tumor has been removed and now we just wait till biopsy and blood results! -Shannon E.

Aimee, Thank you so much for all your help with signing up for the Trupanion Insurance for Sam. You are an asset to the company. -Tami H.

Trupanion is the reason I haven’t had to think twice about saving my baby’s life! Every single person I’ve encountered at Trupanion has been amazing and wonderful to work with!!! I tell everyone that they need to sign up with you!!! You can see progress pictures of everything Gidget has been through on our fan page dating back to may 20th!

You are the best pet’s friend!!! All my 3 babies you took care of them. They are in heaven but we thank you.
Koro’s family

Whine at Willows Lodge

Congratulations to our raffle winner, Jacques!

Trupanion had a great time on Sunday at CityDog Magazine’s first-ever Whine at Willows Lodge Muttmixer.

Guests enjoyed a complimentary wine tasting provided by Brian Carter Cellars and tasty snacks served from the new Barking Frog Restaurant Mobile Kitchen. Dogs were treated to delicious hors d’oeuvres from The Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery.

mutt5    mutt8


Join Trupanion at the next CityDog Muttmixer by clicking here to get more information and register for upcoming events!