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Parasites Don’t Have to Be Your Family Pets

pets-and-parasites-pugAt some point in their lives, almost every dog and cat will have some infection or infestation with an internal or external parasite. Because it is almost certain that your family pet will encounter an invader, it is important you know more about these pesky creatures. It is also critical that you have a relationship with a veterinarian that you know and trust to give you the very best advice for your particular pet. Parasite prevalence and the risks of infection are very different at different life stages of your pet and vary based on where you live. You and your pet deserve very specific advice from that veterinarian you both know!

Getting Active with Your Dog – Part 2

Man’s best friend – but what about man’s best workout partner?

We all know our dogs love exercise. They’re the first to line up at the door when they hear the ‘W’ word, but what about the ‘R’ word (RUN).

Working out together can be good for both you and your dog, so here are our 8 favorite ways of getting active with your dog.

How to Treat Seasonal Allergies in Your Pet

dog-maltipoo-allergiesAs spring slowly hops in, it brings a horrible side affect: allergies. Seasonal allergies affect our pets just as badly as they affect us. Whereas allergy symptoms in humans usually involve the respiratory tract, allergies in our furry companions often show as skin irritation or inflammation.

It’s a terrible experience to see your pet suffering from any type of allergies. Pets are unable to communicate what is wrong and must rely on you to understand the symptoms. As a pet owner, I’ve seen allergy symptoms arise in my pets for a number of reasons. My first experience was when my dog, Jiji, was still a puppy. She would spend her days chewing her feet, sneezing and scratching herself against any rough surface.

The first time we took her to the vet, they noticed she had an ear infection and attributed all the symptoms to the infection. Jiji continued to nibble on her feet and scratch herself long after she was done with the ear medication.

It was devastating to see Jiji in such clear distress and being unable to help. I could go up to her and ask her opinions on the matter so I had to put on my detective cap and follow the clues. I became determined to help my puppy in any way that was possible.

That is when I took it upon myself to research what else could be ailing my poor puppy and came upon different articles on allergies. As I began reading more and more about allergies, I realized that was what poor Jiji was suffering from. When I brought it up to my veterinarian, she took some tests and sure enough, Jiji was suffering from seasonal allergies.

Whether they are seasonal or long-term allergies, always consult with your veterinarian on what methods are best with dealing with pet allergies. Human medication for allergies may have adverse and horrible effects on dogs and should never be used without a vet’s approval.

Getting Active with Your Dog – Part 1

Nearly 9 in 10 pet owners see their pets as members of the family, but how many think of them as exercise partners?

54% of dog owners state that owning a dog keeps them active and dog owners are also 34% more likely to reach the federal benchmarks on physical activity.

Are you making the most of your time together however? Here’s why you should get fit with your dog.

A Basset with Nine Lives

Bertie-basset-houndBertie strongly denies the rumors. Despite what they say, he is not a cat dressed up in a (very elegant) Basset Hound suit. He does lay claim to the canine equivalent of a cat’s nine lives, but he will not admit to being one.

He agrees, though, that he’s one of the luckiest, most stubborn dogs around. Lucky because he’s had Trupanion at his back and Campus Estates Animal Hospital beside him, for the twelve and a half years of his life; stubborn because no matter what befalls him, he just won’t give up. It’s nothing to do with nine lives. No.

From a nasty liver infection that involved his gall bladder having to be removed (he spent his tenth birthday in surgery), to an episode of full-blown bloat (more surgery when he was almost 12), to a bout of pneumonia, and other odds and ends before and after … Bertie has been there, done that, and is still wagging his big Basset tail.

Nose down; tail up and wagging. Stubborn? You bet.

Grateful to everyone at Campus Estates Animal Hospital and to Trupanion? Eternally.

A cat in disguise? Never.

-Written by Muriel N.-


Guelph, ON
Enrolled: March 2005
Condition: Allergies, Arthritis, Hypothyroid and Hepatitis, Chronic Liver Disease
Trupanion Paid: $47,116.93