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Dog Insurance for the Top Dog Breeds Across Canada

Bernese mounain dogCanadians spend about $4 billion every year on their pets. One area where costs have been growing consistently is medical care. Better access and more quality veterinary care leads to increased veterinary costs, making dog insurance seem like a no-brainer. You, your family, and your friends are insured, and with 86% of Canadian dog owners who consider their pets to be part of the family, it makes sense to have health coverage for your dog too.

Using our database, we looked at a few of Canada’s top cities to identify their signature breed and pet name, and identified what common health concerns trouble them. A city’s signature breed or dog name is not necessarily its most popular, but its most distinct with have a higher frequency in these cities than the rest of Canada. Here’s what we found.

Easy DIY Cat Projects

Recycled Cardboard Scratching Tower


Photo via moderncat.net

1. Use a sturdy wooden board for the base (size will depend on how tall and wide you plan to build the tower)
2. Drill a hole into the center of the wooden base
2. Find a wooden dowel for center support – select the length depending on how tall you would like the tower
3. Drill a hole into the dowel and screw it into the wooden base
4. Create a template to trace on the cardboard before cutting – this will ensure all of the pieces are the same size and aligned evenly (remember to leave a hole for the wooden dowel in the center)
5. Begin assembling the layers until you reach a desired height.

Tutorial via Shelterness.com

Cardboard Scratch Mat

Floor Mat Scratcher
Photo and tutorial via Design Sponge

Cardboard boxes – any kind or size will work
Masking tape
Scissors or Exacto blade
Scrap paper, felt, or fabric

1. Decide on a height for the pad
2. Use the ruler to measure the cardboard width before cutting
3. Cut the cardboard in strips – make sure they are identical in width
4. Start bending and rolling the cardboard strips
5. Create the center of the mat by rolling a piece of cardboard into a tight, closed circle – use the masking tape to secure this piece
6. Continue adding strips, secure each strip with tape on each end – repeat this step until the mat reaches

Knotty Spider Toy

Knotty Spider

Photo and tutorial via Friskies

Plastic ring from milk jug
5” x 5” piece of felt

1. Cut fabric into 12-14 strips
2. Tie the strips onto the milk ring – using double knots
3. Keep tying until the ring is completely hidden


Peek A Boo Box

1. Find a clean, flat, empty box – a flat-rate post office box or new pizza both would both Peek A Boo_Meowblogwork great)
2. Cut holes, shapes, etc. in the cardboard (on the top of the box) – make sure they are large enough for your kitty’s paw to fit in without getting stuck!
3. Put a round, noisy toy (or multiple) inside the box – make sure they have small enough to roll around once the lid is closed
4. Close the box and feel free to decorate it for your cat!

Tupperware Puzzle Box

Treats and toys!

1. Cut holes in the lid of the Tupperware – be sure they are large enough so your kitty’s paws won’t get stuck!
2. Put treats, toys, and entertainment in the container and close it up!

Five reasons why you need dog insurance

Five reasons why you need dog insurance The most important reason you need pet insurance for your dog is because anything can happen, literally. The concept of pet insurance is fairly straightforward—you pay a monthly premium in order to be covered for unexpected, costly veterinary expenses. Pet insurance is not be mistaken with liability or property insurance, as dogs aren’t normally covered under these types of insurance. Pet insurance is worth the investment to protect your loved one’s health and your wallet from the unexpected.

Below are five reasons why every dog owner needs insurance for their pet.

The Results You’ve All Been Waiting For

Image Courtesy of the BC SPCA
After an outpouring of public support for each organization and over 22,000 votes over the past two months, we have tallied the final count and are proud to announce the finalists of the TruGiving Member Donation Program. Congratulations to each organization and thanks to every individual who showed their support and voted!

Support Through Two Surgeries

Champ - XXX - Image 1

“Having two torn ligaments within one year, it was great to have Trupanion on our side. They covered Champ’s surgeries, food, and medication needed during the recovery period, which cost over $5,000.00.

Not only did they provide coverage, they also provided comfort and care over the phone each and every time I called. Trupanion was fast and efficient, even when dealing with an issue at our local surgeon’s office. They made it their mission to ensure Champ would be covered before I left for surgery that day! I can honestly say Trupanion made our situation much less stressful.”

Tiffany J.

Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Enrolled: April 2014
Condition: Cranial Cruciate Rupture
Trupanion Paid: $5,461.31