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2014 Hero Dog Awards Grand Prize Voting – Eight Finalists Left!

The 2014 Hero Dog Awards are approaching quickly!

The American Humane Association has searched out and recognized amazing hero dogs in eight different categories. These dogs have significantly impacted the lives of others in many remarkable ways.

Vote for the Hero Dog Awards

Each of the finalists and their owners will be flown to Hollywood to take part in the Hero Dog Awards gala on Saturday, September 27th. Every finalist will be presented with a Hero Dog award for their feats of loyalty, bravery, and love, and win $1,500 for a selected charity partner.

This year, Trupanion is sponsoring the Emerging Hero Dog category. These are ordinary dogs who have shown us unconditional love with their heroic acts.

Only one of these finalists will become the American Hero Dog for 2014. The winner will secure an additional $5,000 for their charity partner and a prize pack from Trupanion.

The Grand Prize voting session is currently open until September 15th.

Click here to vote before September 15th.

Meet the 2014 finalists: Continue reading “2014 Hero Dog Awards Grand Prize Voting – Eight Finalists Left!” »

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An Extra-Special Maine Coon

Dayle - Michelle Rosen - Image 1 (small)

Dayle, my 10 year old Maine Coon Mix, was unlike any kitten I had ever seen! He was born with seven toes on each of his front feet, a true genetic mutation but he was all mine! Little did either of us know, ten years later he would need to have one of his precious toes removed.

In September 2013, I found two lumps on Dayle’s ear and toe. After removing both masses, Dr. Dennis of Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital suggested we send out biopsy’s to get a clear answer as to what type the masses were. Continue reading “An Extra-Special Maine Coon” »

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Bilateral Cataracts

Daphne the 10-year-old mixed breed dog was recently seen by her veterinarian for an evaluation on her cataracts. Cataracts define a cloudiness or opacity in the lens(es) of the eyes which caused blurred vision, or total loss of vision depending how mature the cataracts have become and can occur in one or both eyes. They may be inherited and can occur at any age, but can often occur later in life. Cataracts can also be caused by diabetes.

While cataracts cannot be reversed, they can be surgically removed, which was the choice for Daphne. Not all dogs with cataracts undergo surgery because the cataract(s) may not be big enough to require it.

The estimate for Daphne’s procedure includes anesthesia, surgery, IV fluids and medications.

We wish Daphne a smooth surgery and quick recovery!

Total claim amount: $3,954.08
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$320.00
10% co-insurance: -$363.41
Eligible for coverage: $3,270.67

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Trupanion IPO Prices: TRUP on NYSE

Trupanion Goes Public under $TRUP

Today marks a very important day in Trupanion history: we began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker “TRUP.” (View our press release here; or view the Investor relations portion of our site here.)

This photo above, taken on this monumental day, depicts founder and CEO Darryl Rawlings at the ringing of the closing bell.

While only a few of the Trupanion team is represented in this photo, there is an incredibly talented team that supports the company, consisting of our Seattle headquarters, our North Vancouver office, and our Territory Partners across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

We are greatly appreciative of the hard work and contributions from our staff and partners to make Trupanion the amazing company it is today: a company that loves pets and wants to help them receive the best veterinary care possible.

Today is an exciting day, but we’re still in the early stages of our goal to provide pet insurance coverage to every beloved dog and cat in North America. Trupanion is looking forward to continued growth, helping more pets, and continuing on this journey.

BH1_2531 Trup6 WallStreet

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 7/18

Thank you Trupanion! We can’t say enough positive about our ongoing experiences with you. I must recommend you 10 times a day right now. -Laura S.

Thank you Trupanion for providing excellent service and coverage. I’ve recommended you to many people and will continue to do so. -Scott H.

I just wanted to say that I am pleasantly surprised with Trupanion. My dog was recently diagnosed with heartworms. I thought for sure that Trupanion would fight against paying me, but they didn’t. The circumstance is that in the area I live there are no mosquitoes so the vets do not recommend heartworm preventative. It is really nice that Trupanion honored the claim. I will be recommending them to pet owners that I encounter -Cherie H.

I have trupanion for all of my 4 and I wouldn’t go without it!! -Janet R.

@Trupanion this comany help me w my Harry a #GoldenRetriever with Cancer. #BestInsurancePets ever -@Ladynorian

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Protecting Your Pets This Summer

Photo of Dexter shared by Jackie R.

Photo of Dexter shared by Jackie R.

Humans aren’t the only animals that have a hard time dealing with the heat and the dry air of summer. Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters—basically any pet that isn’t reptilian in nature is going to need some special care if you want them to have a great summer season.

Here are some tips that you can use to help keep your favorite fluffy (or not so fluffy) creatures healthy and happy this summer.

1. Consider a Change in Diet
Nobody wants to eat hearty meals when it is hot outside but your pets need diets that are rich in protein and nutrients. This is especially important for older pets or pets who are dealing with illnesses. Continue reading “Protecting Your Pets This Summer” »

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Bringing Her Baby Hound Back Home: Sierra’s Pet Insurance Story

Sierra - Todd Bowman - Image 1

Sierra is my loveable but lazy two and half year old Blue Tick Coonhound. Last summer I woke up to find my rug in a ball moved away from the door. At the time, I was also fostering another dog did not know who was the culprit.

The next morning, I quickly realized it must have been Sierra. She was vomiting undigested food and was even more lazy than usual. Being a registered veterinary technician, I had the benefit of monitoring and supportive care including intravenous fluids, pain medications, stomach calming medications and diagnostic tools at work, but my efforts were inconclusive. She vomited up a large pile of the rug and I thought we were in the clear. Continue reading “Bringing Her Baby Hound Back Home: Sierra’s Pet Insurance Story” »

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Old Dog Haven: Walk for Old Dogs in Bellevue, WA

Walk for Old Dogs Logo
This year’s Walk for Old Dogs will be held at Bellevue Downtown Park on Sunday, July 20th. Trupanion is happy to support Old Dog Haven by sponsoring the third annual walk. Click here if you want to register for the event, join a team, or get more information. Remember to keep an eye out for Team Trupanionites celebrating our very own favorite senior dogs!

The half-mile walk trails along a beautiful water feature, shady trees and scenery everybody will love, especially your dog! The short walk will be followed by the first ever Old Dog Pageant. This will include a Dog and Owner Look Alike Contest, along with awards for the best costume and tricks!

The registration fee is $25.00 and all proceeds will go towards supporting Old Dog Haven. This is a non-profit organization that makes up a network of private homes to help Western Washington’s homeless senior dogs. The network provides foster homes for over 200 dogs at a time. This reduces the amount of senior dogs spending their last years in shelters or kennel housing.

Bring your dog, no matter their age, and join the fun while supporting Old Dog Haven! Remember to stop by our booth if you attend the event!

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 7/11

Here’s my little one after being hit by a car (while on leash and in a crosswalk) yesterday… So thankful I have you guys.. I have no words! -Sara B.

@Trupanion Thank god I have you guys. My dog was bit by a rattlesnake yesterday. Going to be a huge bill if she gets the anti-venom. -@LindsayLetcher

@Trupanion thank you for everything over the years, helping me take care of my Sadie. You guys are fantastic. -@colleenperman

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Thanking Her Lucky Stars

Dillon - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1

Trupanion is an awesome company! Their service is outstanding on turnaround time for claims submitted and the personal touch of checking in to see how your pet is recovering.

I thank my lucky stars for so many reasons, from Kings Mountain Animal Clinic for outstanding care and endorsing the insurance to Carolina Veterinary Services for the surgery and unbeatable care they provided for Dillon. Last but not least, to Trupanion for making it all possible to get the care he needed.

Thank you Trupanion! I would recommend your insurance to anyone. You are a life saver in my book!


Stanleytown, Virginia

Enrolled: April 2014
Condition: Kneecap Fracture
Total Paid: $2,233.76

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