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Everything to Know About Dog Poop

By, Dr. Oscar E Chavez BVetMed MRCVS MBA

It’s not glamorous, but as responsible pet parents we do it every day – we pick up our pets’ poop! Do you ever wonder what our dogs think about our obsession with cleaning up their poop? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t, but here we will discuss all things dog poop.

Why is it important to be careful when cleaning up dog poop?

There is a long list of diseases that can transfer from dogs to human via the fecal-oral route. For this reason, you should take care when handling dog poop. These diseases that can transmit from animals to humans called zoonotic diseases. Humans can get zoonotic diseases from contaminated dog poop including salmonella, campylobacter, giardia, roundworms, and hookworms.

Zoonotic diseases are always a bigger concern among susceptible groups of people such as people with immune system disorders, people going through chemotherapy, pregnant women, and organ transplant recipients.

what you need to know about dog poop

Find a Pet Sitter This Summer with DogVacay

Excited for summer travel? Trupanion is partnering with DogVacay, so you can focus on your tan while your pet sitter focuses on your best friend.

pet sitter puppy

Find a Pet Sitter

DogVacay, the leading online service that connects pet owners with loving pet sitters across the United States and Canada, is offering a $50 credit to all Trupanion policyholders! Ready for that summer getaway but don’t want to leave your pet in a kennel? DogVacay provides you with a community of compassionate, animal-loving pet sitters who will take care of your furry friend. All you need to do is enter your zip code and check out the sitters near you. Enter the code TRUP50 at checkout before you head to your favorite vacation destination.

How Does it Work?

In need of some beach time but not able to bring your pup? Browse hundreds of pet sitters, read reviews, and find the right sitter for you. While you’re away, your pet sitter will send you daily photos so you can make sure your best friend is having a ball. DogVacay also offers daytime pet-sitting, so you can focus on work when you have a long day at the office.

Head to the Beach

Or the mountains, or the woods. No matter where your travels might take you, DogVacay is there to make sure your pet stays safe and happy at home. Trupanion policyholders will receive $50 off of their first sitter by heading to DogVacay and entering the code TRUP50 at checkout.

The Top TV Show Pet Names

Some pet owners pick people names, like Max or Lucy, while others choose names that reflect our favorite things, like foods, animals, and pop culture icons.

Picking a name for your new pet is both exciting and intimidating. Some new pet owners just know what to call their pet, while some have to mull it over for a while. Whatever you choose, your pet’s name is both a reflection of your pet and yourself. Looking into our pet name data, we found that many pet owners name their cats and dogs after several distinct TV show characters. These TV show pet names highlight some of the most popular shows of the last decade.

Top 12 Animal Movies

top-animal-moviesDisney’s “The Secret Life of Pets” has already earned more than $140 million at the box office and it made us think—what other great animal movies are out there? So heat up the popcorn, get cozy next to your pets and dive head first into the Top 12 Animal Movies.

A Tremendous Sense of Relief

Dasha - Labrador Retriever“Imagine taking your decade-long friend outside to take her for a walk and after a few moments she flops to the ground, unable to sit or stand.  That is what happened when I took Dasha outside on that fateful morning.

With my heart dropping to my stomach I gently picked her up and carried her into the house.  I knew something was terribly wrong.  After an agonizing day at the vet it was determined that she had cancer.  As the vet explained everything, the cost of treating her continued to rise.  I wanted to do everything I could to treat her, but I knew I could not afford it.  However, when I called Trupanion to see if her treatment would be covered I felt a tremendous sense of relief when they confirmed it would.  After her major surgery I went to visit her and as I laid on the floor with her in my arms I knew she was going to pull through this trial.  Every time I take her with me hiking or to the beach, I whisper a special thanks to Trupanion, for without them Dasha would be a memory.”

Stephen T.


San Leandro, CA
Enrolled: May 2014
Condition: Cancer of the spleen
Trupanion paid: $3,854.29