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Biscuit’s Pet Insurance Story

There is one word that comes to mind when I think Trupanion.
We signed up Biscuit for Trupanion Insurance last September. We did so because we never wanted the decision to put her down to be based on money, but to be based on her quality of life She became ill at the April this year. She put up a courageous fight until September 8th. When we had to put her down due to elevated kidney counts. For 5 months Trupanion was there with us every step of the way. It didnt matter we were new policy holders. They paid what they said they would if we ever needed. They paid quickly. Quick enough to pay the credit card company when the bill came.
And in the end not only did the pay for the euthanasia. When I called they lent me a kind ear. The empathy on the other end of the phone meant the world to me when i was a having a difficult time dealing with our loss. Her kind words helped. We then received a hand written card expressing their sympathies. They very last check we received was for $9.00. It was for the unused portion of the month we didn’t use. We never would have expected and we never would have asked.
In keeping in step with the class and compassion that Trupanion shared with use we donated the euthanasia check and the $9.00 in Biscuit’s memory to a rescue organization for Pekingese.
We miss her every day. We thank Trupanion for giving us 5 additional months with Biscuit. Until her counts spiked they were a good 5 months.
I look forward to the day when we can do business together again, you can bet when we get our next dog we will have trupanion insurance.
Thank you
-Chris A.

Top Ten Bearded Dog Breeds

via flickr user danillocabrera

via flickr user danillocabrera

While people everywhere grow and showcase their moustaches and beards to raise awareness about health this November, man’s best friend is doing it too.

We want to feature those who show off their beards and moustaches 365 days a year in support of their humans—the top ten bearded dog breeds. Each breed is unique offering their own characteristics and their own health concerns to be aware of.  This November, these furry faces can help raise additional awareness about pet’s health, men’s health, and cancer prevention all while providing the same love and support they offer to their people every day.

A Family Saved in Several Ways

“We adopted Kodiak in 2005 through a local rescue organization. He had a pretty hard life from what the folks at rescue could tell. For the first year Kodiak was in our care he wouldn’t let us hug him and he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Over the years he grew to trust us and revealed his sweet and loving personality. He was never happier than when we walked through the neighborhood—he could go for miles.

Halloween and Fall Pet Pics 2014

Fall is such a great time of year. The leaves are changing colors and falling, the weather cools off, and we get to dress up in costumes for Halloween! Over the past two weeks, we collected your Halloween and fall pet photos. We put them all together in an album – check it out below!

Charlie is Nemo, shared by Sandon H.

Charlie is Nemo, shared by Sandon H.

Vinny is a peacock, shared by Leanne F.

Vinny is a peacock, shared by Leanne F.

Thank you for brightening our week with all of your adorable and amazing pet photos!

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 10/31

Happiness is knowing your furbaby is covered by @Trupanion ! She has better coverage than I do! #ThankYou #petinsurance -@grrlgenius

My Halloween kitty is still here this Halloween (and much healthier than she was this time last year) thanks to you! -Holly C.

How many insurers of ANYTHING do you know who reconsider their willingness to pay a charge WITHOUT questioning? Our traumatically injured pup has had bills that UPenn Vet says take more pages to print than any they’ve seen! And one of the many charges was initially deemed excluded. Hey, we were sanguine. Then a check for that charge arrived in the mail, unanticipated, unbidden, unarguably welcome. Hie thee to protect your animal with this coverage! It’s superlative! -Vernyce D.

I just enrolled Senorita Rosa my Chihuahua in Turpanion’s pet insurance plan! I am encouraging all my clients to do the same! Taking the financial worry out of pet care is good for you and for your pet! -Pam N.

Single greatest pet insurance company in existence. Thank you for extending my boy’s life and helping me make him comfortable. -Eddie M.

I didn’t think I would go with pet insurance, but decided to give it a try with the free trial offered at the vet… I’m so thankful I did! We discovered near the end of that month my little Bulldog, Stanley, needed his Gall Bladder taken out! It was shocking and scary, but the price was even more so! I immediately saw the value of Trupanion, as I would never have been able to do the surgery if he were not insured through your company… Thank you for the security of knowing I can care for my boy! (Even though his kitty sister, Mira, thinks she’s got him cared for already! ;) ) -Amy F.

Trupanion saved my baby’s life. Smoke “Smoky” is alive thanks to you at Trupanion!! You treated my cat like he’s your own cat! I have happy tears because there would be no way I could have saved him without you!! Love Smoky and Family

Yet again, @Trupanion helps Jones get through another surgery successfully (for hopefully the last time!). Thanks!! pic.twitter.com/Wuc3QfLvwi -@EdTechBSt