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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/7

THANK YOU, Trupanion, for your extremely prompt, friendly & professional handling of medical claims for my cat, Dagny Taggart! She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure; it’s the first time I’ve filed claims for either of my insured cats since I began their policies 3 years ago in January 2012. The entire process was incredibly easy and stress-free, and her coverage was exactly as expected. I appreciate that our policy documents are clear and easy to follow, and that the claim form was super-simple. The Claims Specialist who contacted me for information was awesome – really caring and sweet! I couldn’t be happier, and will always insure my pets with Trupanion! -Stephanie R.

@Trupanion Thank you so much for helping with my @SeeingEyeInc dog, #Sita, and her care. -@amyandtoby

They really do treat your pets like family @Trupanion! ❤️ get your furbaby insured. It’s gave my girl 4 more yrs -@MarketingRxCa

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/7

Agreed! @Trupanion takes care of me! (and my ongoing issues!) -@albieborden

@Trupanion is best for ongoing issues bc they pay 90% of everything (except exam fees) FOR LIFE once you pay deductible. -@MastersFrank

We did this for the first 3 years until learning of @Trupanion. Now we have/do both. @Trupanion has totally saved us. -home_economics

Trupanion is the way to go for pet insurance. They certainly did right by me with my Dog Snowbear and his cancer. I recommend them to anyone who will listen. -Ken H.

I used them with my last Jack Russell and was very pleased, when we adopted a new Jack, they were the only company I would use! -Cynthia B.

The best company always been there for us over the 13 years -Sonja M.

Trupanion has outstanding customer service. Class act! Will never switch companies… Peace of mind means the world to us and our furry family! -Kerri M.

We rescued an abused puppy 2 years ago who was enrolled in Trupanion‘s 30 day trial. Within that time period, Kujo became gravely ill and underwent multiple hospitalizations and surgeries over the course of 2 months. He sadly did not pull through, despite giving him the best treatments, and passed away at the tender age of 4 months. Trupanion paid out $9500 of a $11,300 bill with us only having paid one monthly insurance premium. Outstanding company! We immediately enrolled our Malamute and then our next rescue, a 4 week old puppy, Titan the Siberian who is pictured here in my profile picture as a happy, healthy 1.5 yrs. I recommend this company to everyone! -Joanie T.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/7

I am so grateful that we have insurance through you for our Dexter. He spend 3 hours in surgery and 4 days at the emergency vet. The bill was very steep, but thanks to Trupanion, Dex received the care he needed and it did not cause any financial hardship on my family. Thank you so much! -Lauren H.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/7

Trupanion is the way to go for pet insurance. They certainly did right by me with my Dog Snowbear and his cancer. I recommend them to anyone who will listen. -Ken H.

They are unbelievable!!! My veterinarian even puts the claim in while we wait and we know right away how much they will pay. I then give my vet the balance. I unfortunately did not have insurance for my Zeppelin who we just lost but have it now on my other 2 shepherds. It has already paid off!! -Kathy L.

Love Trupanion, too. They have helped Smokey, our Cavalier get through puppy incidents and major knee surgery. – Maureen F.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 2/7

Totally agree with everyone here– Trupanion is just the best company to work with– and I never thought I would say that about any insurance company. But it’s true! -Rebecca K.


Trupanion is the ONLY choice. Love them! – Annette H.

Thank you for sharing this. I have had trupanion for over 4 years and have always had such a great experience. they have always been so wonderful and my Cappy wouldn’t be here with me today when he had to be rushed to the ER 3 years ago. – KristyAnn B.

I am very happy with Trupanion too. Unlike the others, they mean what they say! They don’t make idle promises. They are decent and honest, and they run a class operation. Paying the premiums was well worth it. Folks, get Trupanion! And by the way, skip the ASPCA recommended insurance!!!!!! -Igal F.

They are unbelievable!!! My veterinarian even puts the claim in while we wait and we know right away how much they will pay. I then give my vet the balance. I unfortunately did not have insurance for my Zeppelin who we just lost but have it now on my other 2 shepherds. It has already paid off!! -Kathy L.

@Trupanion is best for ongoing issues bc they pay 90% of everything (except exam fees) FOR LIFE once you pay deductible. -@MastersFrank

They saved my kitty’s life on more than one occasion – I could never had afforded about $3,500 on him, I love Trupanion! -Shirley M.


I have trupanion on Smeagol and Roo– thank goodness because Smeagol was diagnosed at 10 months old with HCM. Trupanion has already saved me hundreds of dollars and he’s only 2 years old now. -Christina M.

Thank you Trupanion, I submitted a claims a little over a week ago for our Emma who was very ill. Although we would have done what ever we had to do to get her better, I’m thankful we had this insurance. they have been processed and approved!! We will definitely recommend you! -Valerie R.

OK, I’m sold… @Trupanion totally came through on a claim I wasn’t expecting would be accepted for #Chester. #impressed #pets #insurance -@MommyGearest

Jones back in the ICU on vent. Looked like the end until improvement started suddenly. Still hope. Thanks so much to @Trupanion, yet again -@EdTechBSt

After writing that post the other day about being a good canine parent (and due to the multitude of people trying to use Instagram and Facebook as their personal bank to pay their vet bills), I realized that there was a way for me to be a better parent, and that I should buy pet insurance (and so should you). I don’t think anyone plans to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on vet bills when they get a dog, but there is a very high probability of something happening at least once during your dog’s life, *especially* if you have a pure bred dog from a breeder (pure bred dogs have a much higher chance of developing a heritable disease). So I looked into the various companies and upon the advice of a few friends and vets, and I decided to go with Trupanion. For $48/mo (for Mila only), they will cover 90% of the cost of effectively anything that happens to her (including heritable diseases), with no limit on the pay outs, and any destruction she does to my rental house. Pretty impressive! Embrace was my second choice but they had a maximum payout limit, and were a bit more expensive for 80% coverage. A benefit of Embrace is that offer “wellness” insurance, which covers all regular doctors visits and drugs. I heard mixed things about VPI. Two people loved them, four had terrible experiences. Either way, I’d highly recommend looking into health insurance for your cat or dog, because you never know when an ACL will tear, or when someone will bring a rude dog to the dog park. The last thing anyone wants is to have massive unexpected medical bills.  -@thevelvetburritos

If We Could Text Our Pets

If We Could Text Our Pets - Trupanion BlogMost pet owners will admit that they talk to their pet as if their pet could talk back to them. We talk to our pets for the same reason why we talk to people around us, because we see them as a friend or part of the family. We posted on social media asking, “If you could text your pet, what would you say?”. Here are some of the great responses we got:

“I would text her and ask her to do some chores while Mom’s at work” -SplashDog

“I would tell my pack that I love them, and I would rather be at home with them” -Veronica G.

“I would ask my boys (kitties) that they must learn to pick up their toys at the end of the day and put them back into their toy boxes! Mom is tired of picking up after them!” -Marg A.

“Whatever you’re doing, I can see you!” -Rose C.

“When will you be home to play with me?” -Helen R.

“Omg, Speedy Honzales you are my bdf (best dog forever) I love you. You make my life complete. Thank you for your unconditional love!” -Krystal P.

“Hey baby boo boo, put your toys away and get ready to go for our walk; I will be home in 15 minutes.” -Suzanne M.

“Can you please retrieve those socks you stole from under my bed? Thx.” -Kathryne Y.


“Who’s a pretty kitten? Is that you? Yes, it’s you.” -Kathryne Y.

This list is a great example of how pet owners communicate with their pets. If only those paws could pick up a phone to text us back! If you could text your pet, would you?

Banjo’s pet insurance story


Even service dogs get to go to the beach!

I am wheelchair bound with MS. My husband and I decided that we would adopt a dog and train him as a service dog to assist me in maintaining a quality of living without forever being dependent on other people. After much research, we decided to adopt an Australian Labradoodle. They had all the qualities that we required in a dog.

So it was that Banjo joined our family in 2008. Straight away it was evident as to what a lovable, intelligent dog he was. Intense training took place and just about when we were going to put him forward to be registered as a service dog, Banjo became epileptic. He was just 2 1/2 years old. Sadly, resultant of this, he was unable to continue as a service dog.

Over the ensuing years his, seizures worsened to the point where he was having cluster seizures. Every epileptic episode was heart wrenching for us. No one likes to see their beloved dog in such a traumatic state.

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/30

Very impressed after my chat w/ @Trupanion regarding health insurance for Porsche. #Impressive #PugLife -CClrHowatt


Seamus had a great weekend @EdmPetExpo thought he should pose with @Trupanion who make vet decisions so easy! #thanks -@ames_liz

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/30


Once again you guys are the best! -Lynne O.


Thanks for your help over the past 8 months! @trupanion #petinsurance #swag -@icanbox

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/30

Jax and I are so grateful to have Trupanion! We had an emergency visit to the vet for asthma. I submitted my claims at 5pm and had an email confirmation the next day stating that they were approved. Thank you!!!!!! -Steph R.


Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/30

Trupanion for the win, again – seriously, this company is bananas! If you have a dog you love, BUY HEALTH INSURANCE! -Courtney H.


Visited @Trupanion today, the most #dogfriendly, #datadriven office ever. very impressed! -@Emiidee


I LOVE Trupanion….!!!! No human Cat or Dog patient should be without this Insurance!! DONT Underestimate…. It’s NEED or value!! -Jodi S.

through @trupanion go to their page and the link to their site. Do it now before anything happens. Because if you wait and something happens. That will be considered a pre existing condition… If you get it when he’s a baby they will cover everything for life! You can choose your rate that you want to pay each month based on the deductible amount. When something happens you just fill out the claim form and fax it in! I’m a frequent flyer with them so my claim is usually processed the same day and I get the cheque in the mail that week. If it’s something serious… Most hospitals will submit the claim for you and you’ll only need to pay the remaining 10%. Seriously worth it! It’s piece of mind if something does happen! If you have any questions let me know! As I said… I’m a frequent flyer with them -@insta.bentley



Thank you to the honest and trustworthy team at Trupanion! We’ve heard of many bad experiences with pet insurance companies and were reluctant to sign up with Trupanion, glad you proved us wrong! Here is Qubit (pronounced “kew-bit”) on his road to recovery. It’s day #4 and he’s doing much better already. No more leaky nose Thank you!

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/30


Misprinted Rug in Sheriff’s Office Reads “In Dog We Trust”

Misprinted Rug in Sheriff's Office Reads "In Dog We Trust"A rug placed in the front lobby of a Florida Sheriff’s office went months without anyone noticing the rug was unintentionally printed to read “In Dog We Trust” instead of “In God We Trust”. The rug quickly gained enough interest that the Sheriff’s office decided to auction off the $500 rug with the intention of donating a couple hundred dollars in winnings to a local shelter, Canine Estates Inc. The bidding started at $100 and 83 bids later, the “doggone rug” sold for a whopping $9,650! Canine Estates Inc. explained they will be using the proceeds to help pay for vet bills.

Canine Estates Inc. posted on their Facebook page, “We want to thank the high bidder for the Rug. The bidder wishes to remain anonymous. Your generosity will help us pay for the 10 dogs medical bills that came in the day we found out about the rug. We have laughed, cried and hugged the fur kids tight, just knowing that we can help them find the home they deserve or help them heal from the abuses they have suffered. Hats off to you and The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office PCSO for helping us save the dogs of Pinellas County. We are all “Saving One Tail At A Time”…… “In Dog We Trust””.

This is a great story about how an accidental mistake turned out to benefit animals in need. What are your thoughts on this story?