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Strong Bonds Fight a Mystery Illness

Cupcake - Valerie DeRoy - Image 1

One day, a grey cat appeared in my backyard. I gave her some food and a few days later she came back and brought kittens. She kept coming back, even through a second pregnancy.  I had no intention of keeping any of the kittens, but I knew I needed to do something. I caught two kittens from the second litter, Cupcake and Buttercup, and grew beyond attached. I realized there was no way I could give these two away or risk them being separated, I knew they were mine.

I always planned to purchase pet medical insurance—Trupanion was the clear choice, no other companies’ coverage compared. It was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Continue reading “Strong Bonds Fight a Mystery Illness” »

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Good Boy: Six Tips for Training Your Dog

dog-obedience-training-by-Quinn-DombrowskiAs fun as dogs can be, training them is not always an easy task. Training helps your pet thrive in the environment created for them. While it takes some work in the beginning, correct training leads to a happier and healthier life for you and your pet. Getting started can feel overwhelming, but here are six tips that will help while training your dog.

1. Consequences Must Happen Immediately
It is important to realize that dogs do not have the ability to relate a present event with something that happened an hour or more in the past. This is why you need to make sure consequences happen immediately after or during an event. Dogs will learn whether a behavior is good or bad based on what happens just afterwards. For example, if your dog comes when called, you need to have a treat right away to hand them. Continue reading “Good Boy: Six Tips for Training Your Dog” »

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A Holiday Emergency Elicits Aid

Noodle -Tom Buch - Image 1

Just before Christmas, Noodle, my Brussels Griffon started bleeding from his nose. The next morning, after a sleepless night of trying to keep him calm and wiping a never-ending drip of blood from his nose and beard we brought him to the emergency veterinarian hospital. A few days later he nearly died in our arms as we rushed back to the ER in New York City. His blood levels dropped so low he could no longer get oxygen to his brain and his body was shutting down.

I received a crash course in veterinary medicine and our options. I did not have time nor head space to wonder what Trupanion covered so I made my decisions based on one thing: What’s best for Noodle? I paid for everything upfront hoping that Trupanion would help and am grateful that I could afford to do so. When the dust settled and I looked at the bill, I called Trupanion and was shocked to hear most of the expenses were covered. Continue reading “A Holiday Emergency Elicits Aid” »

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Are You a Crazy Cat/Dog Person?

Petra birthday cakeThe way we interact with our pets may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but come off as a little kooky to the outsider or non-pet owner. These actions range from simply talking to our pets, all the way to keeping a specialized wardrobe of clothing, complete with matching hats and shoes.

Personally, my dog sleeps on a cozy stack of two cushy pet beds, beneath a blanket that I handmade for her. She also gets the occasional home-baked dog treat.

Our social community shared some of their behaviors that may cause the outsider to think of them as a crazy pet person:

  • I like to coordinate Halloween costumes with my dog.
  • My dog Dixie, when she was alive, she started having bladder issues after I first got married and moved out. So my mom would bring me tap water in water jugs from her house because it seemed to help. We loved her a lot and miss her Sheltie face!!
  • In winter he has booties so his feet don’t get cold and wet. And for sure he has a winter parka he wears with a fur hood. If he could sleep in it, he would. he loves it. And don’t forget the scarf!
  • Working at an animal hospital that deals with rescues and just want to take every single one of them home! I have a dog and a cat and came home with another adopted dog one day, husband was hardly thrilled. I show him “free” ads on kijiji and tell him we need to bring them all home..he thinks I’m crazy.
  • Archie has more clothes than I do! His favorite are his onesies that mom cut the bottom off so he has a comfortable tee to wear around the house. He also has pj’s for the winter.
  • We started with one rescued GSD…..then I started volunteering with my local GSD Rescue. Now we proudly have 3 rescue GSD’s….they are my babies.

What are some of your habits that you’d add to this list?

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cat ate Lily flower

This week’s pet insurance claim features Wyatt the 4-year-old American Shorthair cat who recently ingested a bit of lily plant. All types of lily flowers and plants are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure or worse if left untreated.

Symptoms of lily ingestion include drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, and increased urination. When a cat has ingested parts of a lily plant, they should receive immediate veterinary care. Treatment includes inducing vomiting and activated charcoal to absorb any toxins. It is important that the cat receive fluid therapy to prevent dehydration.

Wyatt received fluid therapy and was kept at the vet hospital for three days. He is now recovering at home and we hope he will be back to 100% in no time.

The best thing to do is keep lilies out of your home if you have cats. Be sure to remind your cat-loving friends to choose other flowers to decorate!

Total claim amount: $2,363.90
Deductible applied: -$250.00
Ineligible costs (exam fee, bath): -$191.75
10% co-insurance: -$192.21
Eligible for coverage: $1,728.94

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 6/20

Thank you so much for your coverage of my current bout with thrombocytopenia!
We still aren’t sure of the cause but paws crossed, my condition seems to be improving.
Every little bit helps and it’s so nice to know we have the support of Trupanion.
-Manny V.

Trupanion saved us thousands of dollars when our kitten swallowed an 18-inch long poultry string. She would have died without major surgery to remove it. I don’t know what I would have done without this wonderful insurance … AND they reimbursed us quickly (90% on most of it). I can’t imagine the absolute horror of having to euthanize a pet because you can’t afford the medical care. Please do check out this insurance. It has already paid for itself for us! -Anne G.


We, along with Storm, would like to thank trupanion for the absolutely wonderful customer service we received. When Storm was diagnosed with a torn ACL, we contacted Trupanion to see about our coverage, our options, and to get pre-approval for surgery, mri, or an orthopedic brace. The customer service was amazing and compassionate! (Thanks Zoe) We are happy to say Storm had tplo surgery 2 weeks ago. She is recovering nicely and although she can’t go for walks yet, she is happy, healthy, and enjoying the summer pain-free in her “pet garden”. -Amanda B.

Thank you very much for helping us take care of Murphy. She passed away on June 2 and during her short 6 years our contact with you has always been positive, helpful, compassionate and caring. I thank you for that, especially over the last couple of weeks. Awesome company. -Brenda P.

I love you guys, our pet insurance is better than our health insurance!
Thank you! -Tina G.

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Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

french bulldog dog puppy floor insideYou’ve picked out a name, set an adoption date and are getting ready to welcome your new furry friend into your family. But any pet can wreak some havoc on your home if you are not prepared. By following the tips below, you’ll make the transition for you and your pet easier and less destructive on your house:

Solid Furniture

Animals, especially small animals, often love to chew and scratch. This can be a big problem for table legs, chairs, benches and more. To protect furniture while you are training your new pet not to chew and scratch, household items like bubble wrap, tin foil and plastic can be great barriers for furniture legs or anywhere else that chewing or scratching can occur. Covering the table legs might not be the most glamorous home accessory, but training your pet to use chew toys or a scratching post instead of furniture is a simple and inexpensive way to keep things from getting damaged or destroyed. Continue reading “Creating a Pet-Friendly Home” »

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The 15th Annual Furry 5K

Congratulations to our Furry 5K raffle winner, Dana L.!

dog furry5k trupanion tattooSeward Park was crowded with people and happy dogs for the 15th Annual Furry 5K! Once again, Trupanion was glad to support the Seattle Animal Shelter and sponsor the event. We also had a team of our own employees participate in the race, Team Trupanionites!

Our booth was located near all the action, including the agility course and even a dog dancing contest! We provided information about the benefits and importance of medical insurance for pets. Trupanion held a raffle and gave away a gift bag which included a $50 gift card to Mud Bay.

Just like last year, we brought our Trupanion tattoos with us! Dogs of all different shapes and sizes stopped by our booth to join the fun.

Overall the Furry 5K was a huge success this year. The event raised money to support the Seattle Animal Shelter and all proceeds went towards the Help the Animals Fund (HTAF). This fund provides veterinary care and supplies for sick, injured or abused shelter animals. Not only did participants support a great cause, they were able to spend a beautiful day outside with other animal lovers!

dog trupanion tattoo

furry 5k seattle dog race

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Pet Insurance Story: Coming Through When He Needed It Most

Louie - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1I adopted Louie at 2 years old. He was very healthy and energetic. Having other Dachshunds and knowing their history of back issues, I was anxious to have him insured not knowing what the future might hold. When I heard about Trupanion, I knew it was the insurance I wanted. Once he was insured, my mind was always at ease knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about facing a large veterinary bill.

My planning ahead paid off when Louie began having back pain 3 years after adopting him. When his symptoms did not improve I knew he would be heading for surgery. We could not have afforded the surgery at the time. I am happy to say that he has recovered very well and Trupanion came through for us quickly and when we needed them the most. I was amazed when Trupanion issued our reimbursement within 24 hours of submitting our claim.

Thank you, Trupanion!

Linda H.

Pfafftown, North Carolina

Enrolled: June 2011
Condition: Back Pain
Total Paid: $3,063.79

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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 6/13

I love Trupanion , they have been so good with paying for shadows surgeries , 90% is what they pay . What ins pays that kind of money. Shadow had 2 TPLO’s and I hope nothing else happens . She is recovering very well with her second surgery. Thank you Trupanion -Adelina A.

I spoke with Kris in a moment of extreme frustration with our vet office. He was authentic, validating, and hilarious. My frown turned all the way upside down. Please give him a big hug and a bonus for being the most awesome customer rep I have ever talked to! One of the many reasons the Goyette family loves Trupanion. -Kelly G.

My name is Heathyr. I just wanted to thank you for EVERYTHING that you have provided for Scout. (My husband’s guide dog) Scout has been going through a rough patch and you have been an absolute blessing. I’d like to share with you “Scout’s Journey“. Just so you can see for yourself who you are helping.
I’d personally like to say thank you to Kat. She is wonderful!
Thank you for all that you do and the love for our veterans. -Heathyr K.

Spending close to $800 per month on the dog right now. Thankfully we have vet insurance through @Trupanion #highlyrecommendit #dogs #cats -@MarketingRxCa

We have Trupanion too, thank goodness! RT @MarketingRxCa: Spending close to $800 per month on the dog. Thankfull 4 @Trupanion vet insurance -@adela1hora

This is my Boy Ozzy. We want to THANK YOU for everything. Ozz just had knee surgery. His left rear knee. He’s had torn ligaments. Thanks to Vista Veterinary Specialist he’s all good. Trupanions quick response and timely assistance helped my Boy. Thank you Trupanion. You ROCK. -Roland C.


To Emma and the amazing people at Trupanion …
We are crying happy tears of relief after getting your personal call letting us know that Nala will be covered for her knee surgery. We (our Saint and Bulldog) have only been with you for three months and I was worried that she may not have been covered. Alas, everything you say about your company is true and we are so blessed to have you behind us.
Thank you (from the bottom, middle and top of our hearts)!
Tia (Nala’s Mom)


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