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How this Labrador Retriever was Trained for a Commercial in just Four Days

We recently introduced you to Stella, the beautiful 10-month-old Labrador Retriever from Mission, British Columbia who starred in our first-ever television commercial. But did you know she was trained in just four days?

This 11 month old Labrador  Retriever was trained for a commercial in just four days.

This 10 month old Labrador Retriever was trained for a commercial in just four days.

An Inquisitive Puppy Gets Into Mischief

Abbie's Pet Insurance Story“Our Airedale passed in December. She had a lot of health issues toward the end. Winter passed into spring and we realized there was a hole in our family. My wife always wanted a “Cesar Dog”—a West Highland White Terrier— so we went looking and found a litter available in May. I started looking into pet insurance. When all was said and done we decided on Trupanion. All the reviews we read indicated that although they would not pay for routine care they were quick to pay without any disputes and kept their word. We opted for the zero deductible and the additional coverage for acupuncture and hydrotherapy since our Airedale responded well to acupuncture. We signed Abbie up on day one.

We hadn’t had a puppy for 40 years. She melted our hearts. She was so full of energy and mischief. There was never a dull moment—our home saw joy and laughter again.

One day Abbie showed signs of not being herself and we were worried. She was lethargic and started vomiting. It was decided in her inquisitiveness she had gotten into something toxic. She spent 3 full days at various veterinary facilities on IV’s and other meds to get her liver enzymes back to normal.

I faxed the bills and claim form to Trupanion. Within a day we received word back on coverage. As we had read from reviews, Trupanion did not cover exams or office charges, but to our surprise they even covered some of the cost of specialized pet food to help her recover. She is still in need of some follow up visits to make sure she is fully recovered. The check arrived a little over a week later.

Thanks, Trupanion.”

Thirteen Dogs Nailing It on Mean Girls Day

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”

In honor of Mean Girls Day tomorrow, a national holiday celebrating the 2004 flick, we scoured the internet for dogs embracing their inner Mean Girl. Here’s what we found.

Trupanion’s Territory Partners, Building Relationships

Trupanion’s success can be attributed to our Territory Partners more than anything else. Our Territory Partners are pet-passionate visionaries who help educate veterinarians, their staff, and their local communities to understand how medical insurance for pets can benefit pets, pet owners and the veterinary community. Our Territory Partners are the vital link between Trupanion and veterinary practices, and the reason more and more veterinarians recommend Trupanion to their clients. They come from varying backgrounds in veterinary medicine and sales but all of them are incredibly driven and have a common thread: a strong passion for pets and Trupanion’s mission to care for them all.

Meet Michelle Rosen

Territory: Boston, MA
Sign date: 2009

Michelle Rosen has a serious passion for dogs and Trupanion.

She discovered Trupanion through a Craigslist ad. As someone who always treated her dogs like family, she was drawn to the company’s mission statement and values. “I felt with my entrepreneurial background and the opportunity put in front of me, I would be successful.”

And she has been. Since joining Trupanion six years ago Michelle has built a book of business from the ground up. Her revenues grow over 30% year over year thanks to her focus on building strong, long-lasting relationships. She says, “it has been very rewarding to build a book of business from nothing. Being able to take a doctor or veterinary hospital owner and make him a Trupanion believer is a GREAT feeling.”

Her drive is showcased in her approach to her work—when she hears “no” she takes it as “not right now.” She is able to convey confidence and belief in the product she shares with veterinary hospitals, and she adds a personal touch to everything she does. Her business is built around relationships she builds and nurtures.

Michelle thrives on the variety that comes with being a Territory Partner, working off of a routine that addresses every hospital’s needs, always providing the hospitals something of value during her visits. She is driven by high performance and makes relationships a priority. “After meetings and Lunch and Learns I always schedule a follow up meeting and send a brief thank you note. And when a hospital calls me with issues or questions, I take their calls immediately or return them ASAP.”

“When a hospital manager calls me telling me a competitor came in very aggressive and asks me to share the differences, I know I have a loyal client that trusts me.  It can take years to build this kind of relationship, so I know I have done my job.”

Think you have what it takes to start your own business and become a Territory Partner? Check out our current Territory Partner job opportunities.

Eating Things She Shouldn’t

Amani's Pet Insurance Story“We have had Trupanion since we got Amani through our veterinarian. Knowing how expensive veterinary bills can be, we opted to get insurance this time with our puppy, as she had no pre-existing issues.

Amani just turned 17 months old and we have already had our share of issues with her eating things she shouldn’t. Trupanion has been great in paying for her care. Even when she had to be put on a special diet, we were covered. Her most recent two-day stay at the veterinarian was also covered and truly saved us a great deal of money.

We recommend Trupanion because as our veterinarian prepares all of the paperwork we are almost immediately notified of what will and will not be covered.

We have truly saved many, many dollars and our monthly plan, which is inclusive of a deductible with 90% coverage, has more than paid for itself. It is also quite affordable.”