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Top 12 Animal Movies

top-animal-moviesWith the summer heating up many people will be heading inside to enjoy a cool summer movie. Disney’s “The Secret Life of Pets” has already earned more than $140 million at the box office and it made us think—what other great animal movies are out there? So heat up the popcorn, get cozy next to your pets and dive head first into the Top 12 Animal Movies.

A Tremendous Sense of Relief

Dasha - Labrador Retriever“Imagine taking your decade-long friend outside to take her for a walk and after a few moments she flops to the ground, unable to sit or stand.  That is what happened when I took Dasha outside on that fateful morning.

With my heart dropping to my stomach I gently picked her up and carried her into the house.  I knew something was terribly wrong.  After an agonizing day at the vet it was determined that she had cancer.  As the vet explained everything, the cost of treating her continued to rise.  I wanted to do everything I could to treat her, but I knew I could not afford it.  However, when I called Trupanion to see if her treatment would be covered I felt a tremendous sense of relief when they confirmed it would.  After her major surgery I went to visit her and as I laid on the floor with her in my arms I knew she was going to pull through this trial.  Every time I take her with me hiking or to the beach, I whisper a special thanks to Trupanion, for without them Dasha would be a memory.”

Stephen T.


San Leandro, CA
Enrolled: May 2014
Condition: Cancer of the spleen
Trupanion paid: $3,854.29

How to Pet-Proof Your Garden

Like it or not, when you bring a new pet into the home you can no longer call your garden your own: it is, at best, a shared space where you and your pet can relax and play, but your pooch will probably consider it his own. You can humour him, of course, but a wise pet owner will grant ownership to their new companion while quietly taking steps to ensure they keep a bit of themselves in their yard.

Lost and Electronically Found: High-Tech Tips to Find Lost Pets

find-lost-petNothing makes the world feel quite so big as the moment that you notice that man’s best friend has gone missing. When it comes to a lost pet, the possibilities are endless—and that’s an overwhelming observation as you start the search for your Fido-turned-fugitive. Technology can help us prevent lost pets from happening and is an important tool in reuniting missing cats and dogs with their worried owners.

“Where Are You?” Wearables

Think of your pet’s collar like their on-the-go emergency kit. Other than a microchip, a collar and tag is the ideal way to identify a stray animal and far more visible than something that requires a trip to the vet to be scanned, so your best bet is to have both. Although the most affordable and convenient option for being reunited still lies in a good old-fashioned name tag, you can add additional info by also including a second tag with a QR code, like those sold by Dynotag or PetTouchID. If a good Samaritan finds your pet yet can’t reach you by phone, they can scan for additional details and can automatically send their geolocation straight to your email.

The rise of GPS technology is also making it easier to track your pets. Whistle is a waterproof collar attachment that serves as GPS locator and activity tracker in one. Customize your cat or dog’s safe zone and receive mobile notifications if they wander so you can pinpoint their location for pick up. Peace of mind when it comes to your pets is worth the investment.

Power of the People

If worse comes to worst and your kitty or pup goes missing despite your precautions, don’t underestimate your community’s willingness and ability to help. Make sure you always have a clear, close-up photo available for instant access on your phone and devices. Immediately create a lost pet sign on a site like Canva and have the file sent to the nearest office supply store for black and white copies printed on brightly colored card stock. Slide your flyers into plastic binder sleeves for added durability and post copies on your vehicles, too. Email your created image to as many local vets and shelters as you can find information on and drop off a paper version at each shelter as you check there in person. Companies like Trupanion can also help you track down your pet with a unique Trupanion pupkin tag ID number and coverage to cover the costs of advertising and reward while looking for your pet.

Also, post your pet’s picture and prior location to social media as soon as possible and urge your friends to spread the word. You get a free pass for posting frequently or outright begging–every share widens your search area and increases your chances of a happy ending for all.

Check to see if your local community has a lost pets page on Facebook. Lost Pet Finder of Collier County has over 1,000 dedicated members and receives over 8,000 page views each week—it would take a lot of flyers to cover that kind of area, and some members of lost pet groups will actively aid your search. Community yard sale sites or parenting groups also act as a local bulletin board and are great places to turn when extra eyes are essential.

If your dog or cat goes missing, there is a lot to be done all at once and it’s hard to gauge which road to turn down, both literally and figuratively, in terms of starting a search. Take precautions to protect your pet by planning ahead, and if you do get separated, ask for help from your family, friends, neighbors and beyond to help your fur-baby find his way home.

About the Author: Ashley McCann is a freelance writer who covers electronics for eBay, including the technology you can utilize to find your lost co-pilot.


How to Design Your Home for a Happy Pet

Happy Pets 1: Dogs in Design, original photo on Houzz

Dogs in Design, original photo on Houzz

Being around nonthreatening animals, domesticated or otherwise, calms humans. The reason for this seems buried in our prehistory: Back then if we were around other creatures and all was peaceful, that meant predators weren’t lurking nearby, about to pounce on us.

When we’re less tense, we have more mental energy at our disposal to do whatever we’ve set out to accomplish, whether that’s having a good time hanging out with family members, writing a novel or planning dinners for the next week. But there’s a catch:Having pets in our home is good for us psychologically only if those animals are happy and healthy. If they’re not, they can add to the tension in our lives. (A moping dog or an out-of-sorts cat doesn’t enhance anyone’s day.)

The good news is that design can make animals happier, just as it can people. You can create a home where your pets feel as good as you do. It’s hard to read the minds of pets, but when you learn more about them as they spend time in your home, you’ll find ways that you can make your special animal friend feel particularly happy. Here are just a few ways to keep pets in good spirits.