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Does Your Dog Have the Sniffles? 4 Signs You Need a Vet

Does Your Dog Have the Sniffles, 4 Signs You Need a VetIs your dog sniffling and sneezing? Just like their human companions, dogs can “catch a cold.” A virus like a cold can usually be treated at home with fluids and extra rest. But labored breathing, or dyspnea, is a medical emergency. So how do we know the difference? Dogs can’t tell us what’s going on, but will give signs that they are not breathing easily.

One Sick Puppy

One of the first clues that your dog may be ill are behavioral changes. Fido may cling to you, following you wherever you go. You may notice irritability or anti-social behavior. Agitation and sudden increased sleep may be clues that your dog is coming down with an illness.

Playful Dane Bears a Break

Paris - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1 “When Paris was 8 weeks old, I took her to my veterinarian for an initial visit and I inquired about pet insurance. I recently lost my Doberman to cardiomyopathy and the bills for his treatment were substantial. My veterinarian recommended Trupanion, and after I did a little research, I decided it sounded like the best fit for me.

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Stressed Kitty and Renal Failure

Casey the 8-year-old domestic cat experienced a bit of distress when his household welcomed a new puppy. His owner noticed that Casey refused to eat for two days and decided to bring him into the vet. It was then that it was determined Casey was experiencing renal failure, possibly partially due to stress.

Kidneys have many important jobs in your cat’s body, including managing blood pressure, making hormones and red blood cells, and removing waste from the bloodstream. Acute renal failure can develop suddenly due to infection, poisons, heart failure, or physical trauma. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

This poor kitty was hospitalized for four days, receiving fluids, medication and care to bring his kidneys back up to speed. Casey has gone back home and we hope that he is recovering well and adjusting to life with a new dog in the house!

Total claim amount: $4,289.05
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Ineligible costs (exam fees): -$100.00
10% co-insurance: -$418.97
Covered: $3,770.15

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 12/19

We adopt senior beagles and our pets are insured by Trupanion. Fortunately our current two haven’t needed the help of Trupanion … but [our late Molly died] due to two unexpected surgeries. In each instance our veterinarian obtained a pre-approval for us. Trupanion came through better than we ever hoped they might. Moreover, the kindness of their staff was/is sincere. There is no better company anywhere. -Scott S.

Thanks, @trupanion for having Addy’s tail covered! She is getting the expert loving care she desperately needs because of her kidney problems, and knowing she has such awesome insurance is making this process so much easier. I’ve been a customer since 2008 and cannot say enough good things about your insurance or the customer service I’ve received over the years. When Addy feels better I’m sure she will send you a head-boop. Thank you!

I would like to thank Trupanion for all your help in the last four and a half years. My dog Atticus has been a joy and savior in my life but has proven to be very accident prone. Trupanion has been the wind beneath our wings!!!! I suggest to everyone I meet to sign up as soon as you get your pet. We could not have done it without the help we have received from Trupanion. I hope we never have to use your services again but feel such relief knowing you will be there when we do. Wish us luck, Atticus has his second TPLO surgery on Friday. I am so happy that money is not one of my concerns at this time. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! -Catherine S.


Thank you Trupanion for all that you have done for my dog Shadow, she is walking so much better after her surgerys..Awe! Not yet.. Merry Christmas from Shadow and I -Adelina A.

Thank you Trupanion. You came through for me when my dog needed eye surgery. Received the reimbursement check today! Happy to report my dog will see again and we saved her pretty sparkly eyes. -Janet B.

Cat Treats Vs. Poison Infographic

Cats are very curious, and love to get into anything that catches their attention. It is important to know what is safe to give your cat and the benefits and risks of common food items. Vet-Medic Pharmacy has put together a great resource to help educate cat owners on the facts of common food items and whether they are safe to give to your cat.