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An Alien Invasion

An Alien Invasion“Trupanion has been a financial life saver for us. It was recommended by Dr. Sinko at North County Animal Hospital. When Mimsy was just a puppy, a little boy was visiting us and he accidentally dropped his toy alien. We had no idea that Mimsy ingested it until months later when she needed surgery because she wasn’t feeling well. My veterinarian called me and asked ‘ Has your dog been abducted by aliens?'”

Tasty Summertime Dog Treats

Help your dog stay cool this summer with these DIY frozen treat recipes!

Homemade Frosty Paws

1 ½ cups yogurt
1 banana
¼ cup peanut butter
1 tbsp. honey

1. You will need a cupcake baking tray and foil liners – this will prevent the treats from sticking
2. Put all of the ingredients into a blender – blend until mixture is a smooth liquid
3. Poor the blend into each of the cupcake molds
4. Freeze for about thirty minutes to solidify
5. Remove from the freezer and stick a milk bone or treat of your choice into the center of each Frosty Paw (optional)
6. Freeze for a few hours, or until treats are hard

Frozen Apple Treat

2 apples
1 cup nonfat plain yogurt

You Will Need:
A blender
Ice Cube Tray


1. Slice 2 apples into small pieces (be sure to remove the stem and seeds)
2. Combine the apple pieces, yogurt, and a splash of water in a blender
3. Blend until you see a liquid consistency
4. Pour the blend into an ice cube tray and freeze until hard
5. Store the treats in a container and save

In a hurry? You can also try freezing 100% canned pumpkin, water and pieces of apple, or chicken broth using an ice cube tray!


6 Tips For a Pet-Friendly Firework Celebrations

6 Tips For a Pet-Safe Fourth of JulyWhether you’re celebrating Canada Day or Independence Day, fireworks can be hazardous and scary to our furry companions. While some pets may enjoy the commotion of these holidays, the backyard barbecues and plentiful fireworks can be stressful and hazardous for many.

Trupanion receives more anxiety-related claims in July than any other month of the year. Specifically, in 2014, we received 45% more anxiety-related claims in July than the average month. Many times, the claims in July list noise or fireworks a cause of the anxiety. It’s not fun to watch your pet in distress, and frightened pets have a greater chance of running away. So how can you keep your pet happy and safe?

Trupanion veterinarian, Dr. Denise Petryk, provided some tips to keep your pet safe and stress-free for Canada Day and the Fourth of July. 

How to Keep Your Golden Retriever Healthy in Every Stage of Life

How to Keep Your Golden Retriever Healthy in Every Stage of LifeSo you just brought home a wiggly little Golden Retriever puppy who’s tumbling across your yard and snuggling by your side. Now what?

It’s important to feed your Golden a well-balanced diet, give them regular exercise, and stay on top of their grooming needs. It’s also necessary to be well-informed about your Golden’s health needs and the breed’s unique characteristics.

Golden Retrievers, just like any other dog breed, are prone to certain health conditions, but those health concerns may change throughout the course of their life. There are many steps you can take to help your golden live the longest, healthiest, happiest life they can, and one of the first steps is preparing yourself.

We looked into our database of pet health records to find what conditions are most common or prominent in Golden Retrievers in each stage of their life. Many of these conditions can be treated using cutting-edge veterinary medicine, and many can be costly to treat, but with dog insurance you can alleviate that cost and focus on giving your Golden the best care possible—no matter what stage of life they are in.

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back

It’s obvious that pet owners love to talk about how much we love our pets, but have you ever wondered where to find gifts for pet lovers that also give back to animals in need? Here’s 7 gifts for that special person that is passionate about helping our furry friends:

1. Rescue Chocolate—Have a friend with a sweet tooth? For each chocolate purchased, 100% of the net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations around the country. Choose from a variety of flavors including Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Forever Mocha, Mission Feral Fig, Foster-iffic Peppermint, The Fix, Pick Me! Pepper, and more. $1.75-26.85 (most chocolate bars are $6), not including shipping costs.

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back








2. Pet Paw Earrings—These fashion-forward earrings are available in gold or sliver and would make a great addition to any outfit. It’s a little reminder of your furry friend every time you wear this piece of jewelry. A portion of the proceeds are used to support the efforts of various shelters in the US. $12.99, not including shipping costs.


7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back











3. Keep Calm and Rescue On Hoodie—A perfect gift for that friend that adores their rescued pet or advocates for animal shelters. This unisex hoodie comes in gray, and sparks a $10 donation to your local animal shelter, rescue, or sanctuary. This is enough to feed a shelter animal for an entire month! $44.99, not including shipping costs.

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back











4. Rescue Candle—Candles make great gifts, especially when the proceeds give back to help furry friends in need! This shop sells all natural soy wax candles, that come in a nice 8 oz. glass mason jar and burn for 40+ hours. Choose from a variety of lovely scents that would be a great addition to any home. This shop supports animal rescue efforts and 15% of all proceeds are donated toward rescue charities. Etsy shop RescueCandle: $12.99 for most 8 oz. candles, not including shipping costs.

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back











5. WonderFunder: Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons—Know an animal lover that spends time in the kitchen? These paw-shaped measuring spoons make a great gift! Every time this item is purchased, the company donates 14 bowls of food to animals in need. A great gift for a great cause! $15.95, not including shipping costs.

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back










6. Love Walks on Four Legs Necklace—Wear this beautiful necklace while knowing your purchase helped make a difference. The charm is handstamped and comes with a bead on a 20″ chain. A portion of all proceeds help support animal rescue, transport and the promotion of shelter adoption. Etsy shop Crafting4Cause: $24.00, not including shipping costs.

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back








7. I Saved an Animal Tote—The perfect bag to pack your dog’s toys and treats when heading out for a walk or a fun day outdoors. With the purchase of this fun bag, $10 will be donated to help save animals in need. The perfect way to brag about making a difference! $27.99, not including shipping costs. 

7 Pawsome Gifts For Pet Owners That Give Back











You’ll always feel good about purchasing a gift that gives back. At Trupanion, we strongly believe in giving back to help animals in need. In 2014, Trupanion members donated over $104,000 to nonprofit organizations across the US and Canada. This year, we asked the public to help us decide which nonprofits to donate to in the Trupanion Member Donation Program. Looking for ways you can help support these nonprofits? Become a Trupanion member and contribute $1 a month to help those in need. Get a quick quote now to see what coverage looks like.