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Doggy Diagnosis – Five Ways to Know if Your Pup Needs to See the Vet

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Chloe Polka Dot

Gut instinct is the single most valuable tool for pet owners when determining whether a pet needs to visit the veterinarian. It’s often immediately apparent when a pet is in pain or is simply acting in a way that demands cause for concern. While some injuries and illnesses can be treated right at home, there are those that require medical intervention from a qualified veterinarian. Here’s a handy guide of just the symptoms to watch for in your pet. Continue reading “Doggy Diagnosis – Five Ways to Know if Your Pup Needs to See the Vet” »

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Dog Ate Gorilla Glue

Nitro 1-year-old Shiba Inu recently made a trip to the vet because he swallowed some Gorilla Glue. Our veterinarian friend, Dr. Jason Nicholas featured the topic of Gorilla Glue and its dangers to pets on his blog a few months back.

What makes Gorilla Glue scary, and as you can see in Dr. Nicholas’ video on his blog, is what happens when it gets wet. The liquid glue expands and solidifies to form one hard mass. And as we all know, the insides of our pets are wet which means a potentially lethal combination if a pet eats Gorilla Glue. A pet cannot pass the solid glue mass which means they need immediate veterinary treatment.

Fortunately, Nitro’s owners noticed the issue and quickly got him to the vet. He received X-rays to assess the situation and was then taken into emergency surgery. Nitro’s care also included fluids, medications, and monitoring to ensure he recovered well from surgery.

Total claim amount: $2,140.00
Deductible applied: -$500
Ineligible costs (exam fee, pet food): -$83.32
10% co-insurance: -$155.67
Trupanion repaid: $1,401.01

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Training Basics: Five Must-Haves For Dog Training You Don’t Want To Be Without

5 Must-Haves For Dog Training You Don't Want To Be WithoutWhether you have a brand new puppy, you want to teach your dog new habits and trick, dog training can be a challenge. Whatever your reason for starting canine training, these five tools will help you reach the results you expect:

1. Puppy Pads – Housebreaking should start as early as possible, and puppy pads will save you countless cleaning bills while they’re still learning the word “no.” There are bigger versions for older dogs, too, if you’ve just brought a new friend home from a shelter. Their age doesn’t really matter as much as your patience and preparedness. Puppy pads will help them know where to go in the house if you don’t take them outside in time, and it keeps the mess in the house to a minimum. Continue reading “Training Basics: Five Must-Haves For Dog Training You Don’t Want To Be Without” »

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This Week in Testimonials – 2/21

This is my 1yr old boy, Eames! Thanks to Trupanion Pet Insurance, we were able to afford the surgery that saved his life this past September and he thanks you for it! He is currently happy, healthy and handsome, and we are so grateful to have him with us! #trulove -Jackie S.

cat wearing tie


Hi, I cannot believe how fast Pepper’s ER claim was processed! She just came home last night at 6 pm and already your check is on its way to us! Thank you for helping us take care of our pets and I want everyone to know how awesome you guys are! -Cynthia C.

@Trupanion We love you! Thank you for being the #1 Pet Insurance for our patients and clients!! -@CVCAnimalHosp

I got a Havanese puppy in September who was 4 months old. I didn’t know whether to get pet insurace
Or not. Most people I spoke with said they didn’t get it but wish they had. After thinking it over for a bit
I decided on purchasing Trupanion Insurance for Lucy. She has since had teeth extracted and cherry
Eye surgery. Trupanion has been wonderful! My puppy is my little baby and her care is of the utmost
Importance to me…thank you Trupanion for your prompt and caring service.
So glad to have made the right decision for Lucy and for me. -Lynn D.

Wow I can’t believe how fast and professional your company is. On my Trial with my new pup-you covered his meds for a minor problem. Way to go! I still can’t believe I have a check that fast. -Patti R.

I love @Trupanion pet insurance! They covered over 80% of my dogs surgery! -@INYRMOUTH_

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Five Benefits your Kids will Get Growing up with a Pet

girl child kid cuddling with cat pet Every child longs for a pet, whether it is a dog, hamster or fish. Although pet ownership can be a bit trying for parents, it is a worthwhile endeavor that will benefit children tremendously throughout their lives. There are many benefits that children will experience growing up with pets. Continue reading “Five Benefits your Kids will Get Growing up with a Pet” »

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Beau Speaks: Dog Walking Etiquette Part 3

Hi, it’s Beau. So, in Part I of this series, I detailed the proper way to pick up after us and to dispose of our…left overs. In Part II, we discussed the art and science of leashes. In this final installment, we will review ways to avoid potential trouble.

It seems strange to me, but most people don’t understand us. They forget that, like their children, we have to be taught the meaning of a word. We’re not born knowing human language, and we’re limited in both the amount of words we can learn and the opportunities to learn them unless you dedicate the time to teach us. Continue reading “Beau Speaks: Dog Walking Etiquette Part 3” »

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Seizures

Lola the 2-year-old English Bulldog is featured in this week’s pet insurance claim of the week for her recent incident with seizures.

Seizures are characterized by an abnormal burst of electrical activity in the brain. If your dog has a seizure, you may notice muscle twitching. Some things that can cause seizures are low blood calcium, low blood sugar, various poisons such as antifreeze and insecticides, or epilepsy. Seizures that last longer than 5 minutes are considered emergencies and need to be tended to immediately.

Lola spent two days at her veterinary hospital receiving care and diagnostics. Her diagnostics included a blood pressure test, cytology, and MRIs. She also received daily medications as part of her treatment.

We are hoping Lola is feeling much better and doesn’t experience any further seizures!

Total claim amount: $4,806.00
Deductible applied: -$0
Ineligible costs (exam fee): -$160
10% co-insurance: -$464.60
Trupanion repaid: $4,181.40

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This Week in Testimonials – 2/14

We love Trupanion! I couldn’t believe how wonderful they were when Bea needed surgery in a hurry. I submitted the paperwork on a Friday night at 5pm and had a personal call by 8pm with approval. It was so wonderful being able to focus on Bea and not having to worry about how I was going to pay for it. -Heather B.

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On Thanksgiving Day, 2012, Fenway had a horrible accident. He got a hold of a clorox pak… one of those ones for single use laundry. Although we saw it the moment he had it and took it away within seconds, he had inhaled some of the powdered bleach, and within minutes was having difficulty breathing.
We took him to our local Dog ER, where he had to be intubated, and have his breathing cleared overnight. He was only 5 months old at the time. We didn’t know if he’d make it. We did know one thing though…he’d get the best care, and Trupanion would take care of it.
Within a few days, our little guy had made a full recovery…something that we know we wouldn’t have been able to pay for out of pocket. Trupanion truly saved him (and us).
Now, our little Half Boston Terrier, Half Basenji is 25 lbs, full of life, and happy and healthy. He just got to go through his first “real snow” here in Seattle, Washington (he LOVED IT), and it made me think about how lucky we are to have him.
Thank you, Trupanion Pet Insurance.
-Tina H.

dog pet insurance Trupanion

Fenway Bark

I would like to thank Trupanion for paying so promptly and so easily when we had to make a claim for our new puppy. Even if we never use it again, it has paid for itself. -Jean S.

I cannot thank you enough for making us have one less thing to worry about. Not knowing whether we were going to get Mackenna back this weekend was bad enough, and not having to worry about going broke because of it made such a difference. I recommend you to everyone! -Kel M.

my mommy says thank you Trupanion for helping us out w/my emergency surgery! -Max A.

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11 Pets Showing Love this Valentine’s Day

Love is always in the air when you have a pet! For most of us, Valentine’s Day is just like any other when it comes to loving and snuggling with our pets. Pets are reliable and they are always there for us when we need them. We wanted to celebrate this special day by sharing these adorable photos of pets in love.

two cats cuddling snuggle cuddle love

Dante and Gabriel, shared by Zoe G

two dogs cuddling love snuggle couch

Herschel and Zoey, shared by Stephanie P.

three dogs in car outside riding

Photo shared by Kelsey H.

two cats cuddling cuddle love

Photo shared by Linda B.

dog and girl

Raegan, shared by Lauren H.

Sarah M

two black cats together

Scout and Gem, shared by Edie

poodle valentine heart

Sophie, shared by Wanda M.

dog kissing cat

Tina and Moet, shared by Ana A.

two cats cuddling

Photo shared by Tyler P.

dog valentine

Scarlett, shared by Janet G.

Do you have special plans with your pet for Valentine’s Day?

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Stokes the Cat’s Pet Insurance Story

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Stokes has been my very first baby since I was 20 years old. I bottle fed him from a week of age and he has been with me through college, moving out of my parents’ house, getting married, & starting a furry family. When a Trupanion representative came to talk to my coworkers and I at the veterinary clinic I work at, when Stokes was 5 years old & nearing “senior pet” years, I knew immediately I wanted to sign him up so I would never be faced with a financial dilemma if he became ill. When he started coughing a couple of days ago and appearing to have trouble breathing, I knew I had to take him to the emergency veterinary hospital. As worried as I was about Stokes, I was able to remain fairly calm on the drive there and while we waited for him to be assessed by the doctor, since I knew that his insurance coverage would enable me to tell the veterinarian to do everything she needed to do without worrying about cost. Within a short 2-day time period following his visit, his insurance claim had been submitted, processed, AND Closed. This & knowing that Trupanion would continue assisting with future costs toward Stokes’ asthma diagnosis gave me great relief and enabled me to focus all my attention on getting Stokes better. And for that I am incredibly grateful. I can’t wait to share our story with other clients and pet owners who are curious about Trupanion. Thank you again from myself, my family, and of course Mr. Stokes!

-Jennifer A.

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