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A Taste of Another Dog’s Medicine

Lola - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1

Shortly after Christmas, I fed my dogs and had just started to make my own dinner. I heard abnormal crunching and turned around to see my elder dog’s entire bottle of pain medication had been ingested by my 1-year-old dog, Lola!

A call to poison control, my veterinarian at Timberlyne Animal Clinic, a three-day stay in The Animal Specialty Hospital in Durham, and 10 days at home with round-the clock care ensured that Lola was restored to health with no long term damage.

Thanks to Trupanion, this was not a financial disaster as well. I adopted Lola from a pit rescue in February 2013 for my husband, who passed suddenly in August 2013. I love her more than anything and am so glad I could get her the care she needed.

Kathryn F.

Hillsborough, North Carolina

Enrolled: December 2013
Condition: Rimadyl Ingestion
Total Paid: $1,263.58

Puppy Training: Tips to Overcome Chewing and Barking

Puppy Dog Training Five Tips to Overcome Chewing and BarkingA new puppy can bring so much joy to a family. They are cute and cuddly, and can make the perfect pal for their owner. However, puppies are new to the world and great at finding trouble. Chewing and barking are obstacles that need to be overcome in order for everyone to live in a pleasant home environment. When training your new pooch, use these tips.

Exercise and Structure
In order to prevent chewing, a puppy needs to realize their owner is the boss. Try not to provide accidental chew toys for the puppy, by keeping messy or chewable things put away. The puppy should start their day with some exercise and instructions or discipline. Then, after puppy has complied, they should be showered with attention. Give them constructive exercise so chewing doesn’t become a bored or nervous habit.

Labradors Rule, Boxers Drool and Schnoodles Gain in Popularity

Mixed Breeds Top The List for Most Popular Dogs In honor of National Dog Week, an annual holiday that celebrates Americans’ faithful companions, Trupanion found that aside from mixed breeds, the Labrador Retriever tops the list of most popular dogs across North America. Not surprisingly, this trusty sidekick also showed up as the most popular dog in many major cities across the country. However, when looking at particular regions, data found that each city has its own particular tastes when it comes to breeds, reflecting the lifestyle and culture of the region.

“While it’s no surprise that Labs and Goldens remain popular, we’re seeing a lot of variation by region in terms of what’s popular in that particular area,” said TJ Houk, Vice President of Analytics at Trupanion. “Mixed breeds are popping up everywhere from the Yorkipoo, to the Schnoodle, to the Labradoodle. Some are hypo-allergenic dogs because they are mixes, and their coats can vary, making them a good fit for many different types of owners.”

The top dog breeds across the U.S., according to the Trupanion database, are:

1. Mixed breeds
2. Labrador Retriever
3. Golden Retriever
4. Yorkshire Terrier
5. Shih Tzu
6. German Shepherd
7. Chihuahua
8. English Bulldog
9. Maltese
10. Boxer

And to break it down further, Trupanion found that specific regions across the country have very particular tastes when it comes to breeds. Across the nation, the breeds below are far more frequent in their respective city than the rest of the U.S.

Catching His Breath

Jones - Tom Buch - Image 1 (small)

Jones is sweet, playful, nutty, adorable, slobbery and loving. In other words, the perfect dog. It was an easy decision to activate the Trupanion 30-day certificate offered by our veterinarian.

After some research, we followed our vet’s recommendation to continue coverage after 30 days. We hoped to never need it, but the sense of comfort justified the expense.

Little did we know, a few months later Jones would fall very ill.  He was sitting between us on the couch when he started gagging. His eyes bulged and he was clearly in a great deal of distress. I calledour local veterinarian who referred us to a 24-hour emergency animal hospital.  An hour later, the doctor showed us the x-ray results. Jones had aspirated while vomiting, causing severe pneumonia. They told us he would need to be on a ventilator and it would cost several thousand dollars. I called Trupanion. The representative couldn’t have been kinder: “We’ll call the hospital and handle it all for you. Just take care of your dog. Let us know whatever you need.”

5 Ways To Tire Out Your Hyper Dog

Photo via Flickr, user potarou

Photo via Flickr, user potarou

Some dogs only need a short walk in order to become tired and calm. Other dogs seem to have a super-charged battery pack under all that fur. It may sometimes seem impossible for your dog to release all that energy. Exercising your dog is important for their mental and physical health. A dog that is well-exercised is less likely to act out or misbehave. Here are a few tips to help a highly energetic dog become tired:

  1. Try getting exercise in more ways than just a walk. Some dogs just need more activity than a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Try taking a ball or toy to the dog park to get your furry friend running and jumping. Some dogs love to play fetch in the water, and swimming can be a great way to wear out your pup.