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Springtime Pet Hazards

The weather is getting nicer which means our pets are getting outside more. There are a few things all pet parents should keep in mind when letting pets roam outside more regularly to ensure the pet’s health and safety. There

"Petulance" — not an ambulance for dogs

I mentioned that the people who work here don’t want anyone feeding their dogs.  Seems a little mean, since they’re so cute and treats make them so happy.  I concede that a couple of the Trupanion dogs visit the veterinarian with various allergies, sometimes food-related.  

Pet Health Concerns: Alopecia

There are many conditions and diseases that may cause complete or partial hair loss. Some conditions may be considered to be normal while others can indicate serious underlying issues. Some factors to hair loss may be scratching or chewing, hair

The thing with feathers. Nope, not around here.

I recently saw Emily Dickinson’s poem entitled “Hope.”  The first line reads, “Hope is the thing with feathers,” and I thought, hmm, at Trupanion, not so much.  Several of our employees have adopted shelter dogs (not surprising for people who

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Do you have allergies associated with pet dander? Or are you just wondering if your dog is hypoallergenic?  Hypoallergenic dogs are an excellent option for those who love dogs but suffer from allergies related to dogs. Not any one breed