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Pet Health Concerns: Allergies

Pet owners aren’t the only ones susceptible to allergies; many of our pets may be prone to allergies as well. Allergies are an immune disorder that is the cause of an over-activation of mast cells in the body that lead … Continue reading

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Black Star Got the Maximum Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet Name: Black Star Treated For: Dermatitis, Skin tumor, Arthritis, Allergies, Ticks Total Repaid: $20,000 Trupanion has been amazing to deal with. Claims are processed quickly and you have your cheque within a week. The representatives are always extremely helpful. … Continue reading

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Frimousse Lived Longer Because of Trupanion

Pet Name: Frimousse Treated For: Allergies, Arthritis, Vomiting Total Repaid: $8,872.50 I am French-speaking and my English skills are not up to date. My pet Frimousse was the first enrolled with Trupanion in 2003. She was a rescue puppy dog. … Continue reading

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Titan the Dog’s Pet Insurance Success Story

Pet Name: Titan Treated For: Allergies Total Repaid: $3,402.14 Time to Process Claim: 24 hours I enrolled my lab cross, Titan, with Trupanion as soon as I adopted him. He was as healthy as can be until he turned around … Continue reading

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