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New Eco-Indie Brand, Devoted to Helping Pet Shelters

The following guest post was written by Melissa Salinas, founder of  Jus Animalium Culture Apparel (JACA), a brand of clothing that is based on the message that you can express and reward yourself through what you wear. Check out their website and

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

The week of November 7 – 13 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! Basically, this week is the week to acknowlege and promote the role shelters play in our communities. I am very supportive of our animal shelters, and our local humane

Pet News: Oil Spill Sends More Pets to Shelters

It isn’t just marine animals feeling the harmful fallout from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets from all over the Gulf region are being placed into shelters by families now