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Kassi the Cat: Beccavision Art

During the month of August, we held a contest that asked for your best pet-human interaction photos. We received some wonderful photos for which everyone voted and chose the winner, the late Kassi and her owner Jami. Jami sent in

Shelter Cats Create iPad Artwork

A recent article on Yahoo! Shine describes one very unique way that a shelter is raising money. SpcaLA’s Companion Animal Village & Education Center was recently visited by Animal Planet’s film crews to be featured in their “Must Love Cats”

Beccavision: Commemorating Pets In A Colorful Way

Are you looking for new ways to brighten up your home and also pay homage to your beloved pet? Rebecca of Beccavision.com might just have the perfect thing for you! Rebecca’s artwork takes a photograph of your pet and brings it

Trupanion Art Gallery

Today when I walked in to the Trupanion office, this amazing piece of art greeted me: I found out that this piece was created by one of our Trupanion team members, Jason Lloyd. Jason is a Regional Director with Trupanion


A coworker recently e-mailed me this amazing artwork! Guido Daniele is an artist in Italy that does amazing hand and body paintings such as these. Wouldn’t you just love to have your pet’s face with you everywhere you went? Click