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In the Office: Celebrating Fig’s Birthday

One of our office dogs, Fig the Pug, celebrates her 6th birthday today! At Trupanion, pet birthdays are just as special as human birthdays and today we celebrated with cake, party favors, and singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to Fig.

DOGust 1: The Universal Birthday

Do you have a rescue/shelter dog whose birthday is unknown? Well today is the day to celebrate his or her birthday! DOGust 1 has become recognized as the universal birthday for adopted pets whose dates of birth are not known,

Happy Birthday: Pupcakes Recipe & Kitty Birthday Cake

The following recipe is brought to you by What The Cupcake.  What better way is there to celebrate your dog’s birthday than by baking a cake or cupcakes? As we all know, pets love special treats. This recipe is one

Office Dog Birthday Party

Here at Trupanion, most (if not all) of us are crazy pet lovers too! Yesterday, we had the pleasure of celebrating one of our newer office dogs, Lazlo’s birthday! His dad brought in treats for both the dogs and the humans