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A Focus on Health

“I have had two dogs (soon to be three) covered by Trupanion since 2010. I signed up because a year earlier, my 10-year-old German Shepherd cost me over $3,000 in tests and exploratory surgery when I took her to the

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Mast Cell Tumor

Sampson the 6-year-old mixed-breed dog was recently taken to the veterinary clinic to diagnose a mass on his paw. It turns out that the mass was a mast cell tumor. Mast cell tumors are cancerous and can be mild or

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Osteosarcoma

This week’s featured pet insurance claim is for DauDau the 12-year-old Standard Schnauzer. DauDau was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw bone in March and has been receiving ongoing treatment since. For this particular claim, DauDau spent several days at

Featured Pet Insurance Review – Cancer can strike the young

8/10 Cancer can strike the very young. I had previously not had insurance and spent considerable money on my dog who had many many issues. When I started again I decided to use insurance, initially I was frustrated by the

petMD Lists the Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

MIAMI, May 21, 2012 – May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, a time to spread awareness of the symptoms of cancer in dogs and cats. As cancer is the leading cause of death in cats and dogs, knowing the symptoms your