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Top 5 Health Issues In American Pets

Working at a pet insurance company, I see such a wide variety of health conditions every day. If you were to ask me which conditions seem to be the most common, I’d have no idea where to start. Fortunately, veterinarian Ann

Cat Detects Owner’s Breast Cancer

A recent article from Daily Mail titled The ultimate cat scan! ‘My kitten alerted me to my cancer because she kept jumping on my breast’ describes a kitty who has become a hero in a non-traditional sense. Wendy Humphreys curiously

Veterinarians and Pets Help with Cancer Research

A group of leading veterinarians in Texas have set up a registry to connect dogs and cats with cancer researchers to test out new cancer treatments. According to a recent article on msnbc.com, dogs “are better predictors of the efficacy

Featured Pet Insurance Review – Pete and Karma

9/10  Pete and Karma My dog Pete was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and just died in June 2011. My other dog Karma was diagnosed with cancer in July 2011. Trupanion has been wonderful in expediting my claims very

Guest Post: Pug Therapy

The following is a guest post from Ashley Spade. Ashley, in addition to being Sir Winston Pugsalot the First’s favorite human, is a blogger and law student. She volunteers at her local pug rescue in between studying and training for