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Blog the Change: Say No to Pets in Hot Cars

Blog the Change is a pet bloggers movement that supports animal welfare causes. Since summer is in full swing, I wanted to focus on pets in hot cars for our post. Every year, you hear and read stories in the

Sometimes Animals and Cars Don’t Mix

Admiral Insurance, an insurance company based in the U.K., recently published a press release on the most unusual claims they saw involving animals. From elephants to spiders, all types of animals have caused accidents on the roadways, according to this

Pet Safety Tips Shared By You

This past week, we focused on pet safety and asked you to share some of your tips! Here are some of our favorites: Safety in the house One thing I do to keep my pets safe is to ensure all

Just How Important Is A Pet Seat Belt?

I’ve written about the importance of pet safety in cars in the past because it’s an issue I feel very passionately about. My own adopted dog of nearly three years had a car seat belt in her size before I

Pets: Fear of Car Rides

From various conversations in person and around the internet, I have learned that there are quite a few people out there with this same problem: Their dog or puppy vomits when they take it for a car ride. Why does