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Guest Post: A Book Review by Cat Chat’s Caren Gittleman

The following is a book review by Caren Gittleman, a friend of Trupanion. It was originally published on Caren’s blog Cat Chat. The book being reviewed is “A Cat Like That” by Wendy Wahman. Think about your best friend. What are the

Guest Post: Cats and Christmas

The following guest post comes from Caren Gittleman, a cat lover and blogger over at Cat Chat. Fa-la-la-la-la! What a joyous time of year this is for those who celebrate Christmas, but if the right safety measures aren’t followed in

Guest Post: Protect Your Cat During Thanksgiving

The following post comes from our regular guest blogger Caren. Check out more of her musings at Cat Chat. Thanksgiving is a delicious time of year for we humans but in can be a deadly time of year for our

Guest Post: Cody the Cat

The following post is written by Cody (aka “Wascally Wabbit” or “Rabbit Boy”), the loveable cat of Cat Chat fame. Hi everybody, it’s me, Cody. My mom is Caren Gittleman, who you might remember from previous guest posts. I’m writing