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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cataracts

Stella the 1-year-old Newfoundland dog recently made a trip to the veterinary clinic for cataracts in both eyes. This is a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes opaque, causing blurred vision or even complete blindness. Because Stella

Cataracts and Your Dog or Cat – Trupanion

Bella the French Bulldog is only one and a half years old and needed surgery for cataracts. It’s unfortunate that such a young dog had to go through so much, but luckily she was covered by pet insurance! Treatment costs

Shadow’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Shadow Treated For: Diabetic Cataracts, Cataract surgery Total Repaid: $3603.30 Time to Process Claim: 6 days I am very grateful to Trupanion for givng us peace of mind – you are truly a no-hassle company. Shadow is doing