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Shelter Cats Create iPad Artwork

A recent article on Yahoo! Shine describes one very unique way that a shelter is raising money. SpcaLA’s Companion Animal Village & Education Center was recently visited by Animal Planet’s film crews to be featured in their “Must Love Cats”

Dog Diary vs Cat Diary

This little gem has been around for a while, but a coworker just sent it to me again and it made me laugh… again. Such a great representation of the differences between dogs and cats!  

Guest Post: How to Have an Enjoyable Road Trip With Your Cat

The following is a guest post from Logan B. Logan is a guest blogger who writes about traveling, pet care, and private jet charters. He is a proud pet owner and a proponent of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Cats, unlike

Cat Detects Owner’s Breast Cancer

A recent article from Daily Mail titled The ultimate cat scan! ‘My kitten alerted me to my cancer because she kept jumping on my breast’ describes a kitty who has become a hero in a non-traditional sense. Wendy Humphreys curiously

Study reveals cats are good for your heart

Is your cat’s purr good for your heart? Research provides compelling support for this theory. According to a 10-year study at the University of Minnesota Stroke Center, cat owners are less likely to have a heart attack than non-cat owners.