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Trupanion Attends 2012 Hero Dog Awards

On Saturday, October 6, Trupanion had the honor of attending the 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills. This event celebrated the finalists in the Hero Dog Awards competition – America’s top dogs chosen as winners in each

Celebrities Promoting Pet Causes

Celebrities often use their publicity to bring awareness for certain issues including pet causes. Celebrities have a way of making an issue come to life like no other person can. Once a celebrity starts caring about something, everyone else does

Academy Awards: Nominees and Their Pets

Tonight is one of my favorite nights in television – the Academy Awards! I love watching everything – from the red carpet fashion to the sappy acceptance speeches to the award presentations. I’m a big movie buff so I try

Pet Tributes: Tattoos

Recently, Jennifer Aniston made headlines when she was caught sporting a new tattoo on her right foot of a man’s name – Norman. After some speculation, it was determined that this wasn’t a new man in her life, but a tribute