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Holiday Pet Pictures – Candy Canes and Gifts

When the holidays roll around, they bring all kinds of new and interesting objects for pets. These pets are curiously exploring bows, candy canes, gifts, and more! We love all of these beautiful photos! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

My Pet’s Favorite Thing

To celebrate the holidays, we asked you to tell us about your pet’s favorite thing about the holidays. No doubt, all pets love the extra love, cheer, and festivity, but each individual pet has it’s own excitement. Here are some

Holiday Pet Pictures – Making Friends With Santa

These lucky pets got to meet the man himself, and even have the pictures to prove it! Thank you to all of the pets and pet owners for letting us enjoy your wonderful photos this holiday season!

Holiday Pet Pictures – Santa’s Little Helper

These little helpers know what is needed to get a tough job done! Dogs and cats are festively adorned in anticipation for one of their favorite holidays. We wish all of these little helpers merry holidays and thank them for