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Warm and Fuzzy Pets

The weather outside is chilly (for most of us) and it’s important that we keep our pets warm, safe, and healthy during these cold winter months. We’ve provided some cold weather pet tips and asked for you to share a

It’s Getting Colder: Tips For Keeping Your Pet Warm

Winter is fast approaching and colder weather is headed our way (for most of us, anyway). That means we’ll have to start wearing warmer jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. While it’s intuitive to bundle up before heading out into the

5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe in Snow

Winter is in full force and many areas are already seeing lots of snow! Here are a few tips to help keep your pets safe and warm through the cold winter blizzards. Stay warm! Be sure to keep kitties inside

Dogs Have Built-In Snow Boots

Do you ever wonder why dogs don’t seem to mind the cold when they walk through snow or over icy streets in the winter? New research from Japan explains why Fido is able to romp through the snow without experiencing

Running With Dogs in Cold Weather – Paws

Part 3 of a series of 3, as interpreted from article in USA Triathlon website. Frostbitten paws: When overexposed to cold weather, dogs too can experience frostbite on their paws, nose, and ears. Immediately tend to frost-bitten areas, which will