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In the News: Saving on Pet Costs

As Americans continue to live through a lackluster economy, with poor consumer confidence and high unemployment rates, they are consistently trying to think of ways to save money. News articles pop up all over the country outlining money-saving tips, including

The Story of a $5,000 Veterinary Bill

We never want to think about something catastrophic happening to our pets, but the truth is, it happens. And while the expense of saving our beloved furry friends is hard to put priority to, it can be expensive, which only leads to

CNN Blog Discusses the Cost of Pet Care

The love of pets is not restricted by country borders. People around the world consider their pets members of their families and would go to great lengths to give them a long and healthy life. A recent Worldcrunch article (republished

Containing the Costs of Pet Care

Recently the New York Times published an article on containing the costs of pet care. The Seattle Times re-published it the next day. This article offers pet owners advice on caring for their pets in the most budget-friendly way possible.

Pet Owners Don’t Scrimp on Pets During Tough Times

The economy is still at a low and many people are trying to find ways to cut costs and save on everyday items. I don’t think anyone would argue that times are still pretty tough. But according to the American