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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Efficient, friendly

10/10 Efficient, friendly Our labradoodle Louis suffered an acl injury. After a consultation with a specialist it was decided an operation was necessary. This is a complicated surgery and a long recovery but the prognosis is good. We went through

Pets of the Week: Daegan and Kieren

Daegan and Kieren are American Mastiffs. When Daegan was 2 years old, her little brother came to live with us. They get along famously as you can see. Last December, Daegan needed to have a tplo surgery on a torn

Featured Pet Insurance Review – Trupanion is great

10/10  Trupanion is great We have a three year old lab, Gunner. We signed on with Trupanion as soon as we got him. Trupanion processed numerous claims for us, the most recent being for TPLO surgery – a spendy one.

Keeva’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Keeva, our 4 year old Olde Victorian Bulldogge who is  not dog friendly tore her cruciate a couple of years ago .. she needed  a knee repair and her insurance covered it all … two nights after  she had the

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Torn Cruciate Ligament

Chewy the English Bulldog recently had an accident in which both of his cruciate ligaments were torn. He is a young dog, at almost two years old, but apparently likes to play hard based on his injuries! Chewy’s hind limbs