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November is Pet Diabetes Month

During the month of November, we recognize diabetes in pets. Just like humans, pets can be affected by either type 1 or type 2. This month, we wanted to spotlight this condition and educate pet owners about diabetes symptoms so

Trupanion Responds to Recent Study Showing a Spike in Pet Diabetes

A recent study by Banfield Pet Hospital shows a large increase in diabetes in pets and Trupanion pet insurance provides supportive evidence after a review of recent claims. (PRWeb.com) May 16, 2011 — A recent study of 2.1 million dogs

Diabetes in Pets

Just like humans, pets can get diabetes, and unfortunately, it is gradually becoming more common. There are two types of diabetes. Diabetes insipidus is a rare condition that prevents the body from conserving water, and diabetes milletus is the body’s

Cat insurance for Obese Cats

So as many of you know, obesity can be quite easy for a cat, especially an indoor cat. Some indoor cats like to lounge on the couch or curl right up next to you. Some hours of the day are