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The Truth About Pet Food and Raw Meaty Bones

I just finished reading a blog post over at The Truth About Pet Food blog, here’s the headline of that post, “All 50 U.S. States Give Approval for Illegal Pet Food“. Sounds great eh? :/ The gist of it is, that although there are federal laws in the United States governing what can and can’t go into pet food, the FDA apparently has chosen not to enforce those laws.

Fortunately for them, my little carnivores don’t eat commercial pet food, they eat mainly foods that I buy from local grocery stores, the same stores where I shop for my own food. No, I don’t buy them Shredded Wheat or Kraft Dinner ;), but I do buy them raw meaty bones and offal (organ meats).

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Feeding and Caring for Your Puppy

You’ve probably got a load of manuals or printouts from various websites regarding dog etiquette and puppy care. Or maybe you have had a puppy before and are not new to pet ownership. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to review general guidelines for optimal puppy care. Continue reading