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Friday Fun: Misspelled Dog Breed Names

This joke has been floating around the internet for a few years and it’s unclear as to the original source. I wanted to share these funny dog breed names and provide a little chuckle for your afternoon. These Are ‘Real’ … Continue reading

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Crazy Pet Tricks: Dog Crosses Eyes on Command

What do you teach your dog after he’s mastered sit, shake, and roll over? This pet owner taught 11-month-old Labrador Retriever, Olive, how to cross her eyes! That’s one trick we haven’t seen before! Have a look at her mastered … Continue reading

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Weird, Wacky and Just Plain Crazy Pet Names

Inspiration is an elusive muse to pin down. Where does a person’s creativity come from? Look no further than the following outrageous names of actual Trupanion pets. We’ve bracketed them in some entertaining categories for you to view. Celebrities and … Continue reading

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Funny: Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend

This hilarious video of human friends representing each a dog and a cat has been circling the internet lately, and we thought we’d give you a humorous break to your day. Do you think the video was accurate? Share your … Continue reading

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New TV Show: Dog With A Blog

We know of various dogs that have blogs, which typically include a human “typist” to document all of the dog’s thoughts and antics. Well the Disney Channel recently premiered its new show “Dog With A Blog” featuring a dog that … Continue reading

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Fall and Halloween Pet Contest Photos

Happy Fall and Halloween to all of our pet-loving friends! We collected your best fall and costumed pet photos for this giveaway which made us giggle, smile, and laugh! Thank you to everyone who entered! One winner will be randomly … Continue reading

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Dog and Cat Shaming – Honorable Mentions

The dog (and cat) shaming meme has made its way across the interwebs, leaving laughs and hilarity in its wake. We wanted to jump aboard this ship and run a contest to see your best shaming photos. While our winner … Continue reading

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Dog Shaming: The Latest Hilarious Internet Meme

In the last week or two during my Pinterest browsing sessions, I had noticed some funny photos crop up of “guilty” pets sitting next to hand-written signs describing their crimes. “I did this,” one read. Well, this humorous meme has … Continue reading

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Invisible Cat Meme

I love humorous pet memes. Recently, I wrote a blog post about the pet photobomb meme.   Today I wanted to talk about the invisible cat objects meme. There are quite a few photos floating around the internet of cats … Continue reading

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The Peculiar Things Your Pets Do

Ever wonder why your furry friend participates in their unusual rituals every day? There is most likely a reason that resonates beneath their actions and it doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Whether it originates from their wild like instincts … Continue reading

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