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Crazy Pet Owners – Honorable Mentions

This past week, we learned just how devoted as pet owners that you all are! I was surprised to see how many people throw special birthday parties for their pets or feed them gourmet food and filtered water. While our

Pet Photobombs

Photobombing has become a popular internet meme in which a normal photo is being taken, but people make silly or unusual faces/poses in the background and/or step in at the last minute to “ruin” the picture. Of course we all

Dog on Parade in Mexico

According to The Washington Post, a dog found himself as the center of attention in Guanajuato, Mexico on March 24, 2012. Pope Benedict XVI was in town and passed through the streets on the Popemobile when this little dog was

If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Have you ever wondered what your pet would be like with thumbs? What would he do? How would that change things? Well today is a good day to really think about it because it’s ‘If Pets Had Thumbs Day’! I

Pets as Furniture

Does your cat ever use your dog as a bed? Or his belly as a pillow? I know my dog certainly does her duty of foot-warmer very well! At the Trupanion office, pets using other pets for furniture is a