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Post-Halloween Treat: Homemade Pet Costumes

I know Halloween has passed and we are more focused on Thanksgiving now, but the following pet costumes just came across my desk and I had to share them as one last Halloween treat. All of these costumes are homemade

Dog Head Tilts

One of my absolute favorite gestures a dog can do is tilt its head. I’ve grown up with dogs my entire life and none of them were very keen on head-tilting. My current dog Ellie tilts her head once in

Pet Fun: Bullying Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats, while usually very loving, can have their moments where they aren’t exactly perfect angels, and I’m certain that we’re all aware of this. Sometimes they may pick on one another or even on the humans. This fun

Upside down Dogs and Cats

Through all the hustling and busyness of day; It’s time to stop and look at things in another way. Turn your head upside down and you’ll find it worth your while; The ground becomes the sky; a frown becomes a

You Know You’re a Dog Owner When…Part 3

See Part 1 and Part 2! Wow, all of you pet owners out there know what I mean when I say how funny it can be to go through life with a dog. There are just things you find yourself