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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Hit By Car

Oreo is a Miniature Schnauzer who just recently turned one year old. The poor guy was hit by a car on Halloween day and was taken in for emergency veterinary care. Oreo needed X-rays and surgery for bone fractures and

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Hit By Car

Myley is a young, 5-month-old Chocolate Lab who was recently hit by a car. She suffered pulmonary contusions and a fracture to her left scapula for which she needed emergency surgery. The poor pup spent a week at the veterinary

Sheltie Suffers Ruptured Bladder in Car Accident – Trupanion

Poor Coffee the Sheltie has been going through various trips to his veterinarian for treatment from being hit by a car. This accident resulted in a broken pelvis and a ruptured bladder for which he had to undergo surgery. Luckily,