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Cats Are Wonderful Friends

Last weekend we had a poem about dogs, so here is one we enjoyed and wanted to share with the cat owners! Gentle eyes that see so much, paws that have the quiet touch. Purrs to signal “all is well”

Cat Insurance to Prolong Your Kitty’s Life

So the average life expectancy for a cat can range from nine years old up to fifteen years old. Years before that, the life expectancy was much lower. The reasoning is because there is now much more advanced technology that

Have a Sneaky Cat? Get Cat Insurance!

Have you ever wonder why your cats can get into small little places? How the heck they got through the gate where there is only a small opening of? Well, the most logical reason would be is because they lack

Additional Proof for Cat Insurance for Indoor Cats

So I know that about a month ago I already wrote a blog about needing cat insurance for an indoor cat, but I came across a video that I think reinforces it. Here is a video of why cat insurance

Should You Get Cat Insurance?

Well I think the answer is pretty obvious, but if you still need some persuasion here are some reasons why you should get cat insurance with Trupanion. 1. You will be coolest pet owner in town once your cat is