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7 Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

Dogs use their paws constantly throughout the day. Because of this, your dog’s paws must be cared for to keep up with how active your animal might be. The paw pads are soft and help protect bones and joints from

Santa Needs Pet Insurance Too

Today the website InsuranceQuotes.com published a fun story about the types of insurance that could be beneficial for Santa Claus. We were contacted by the author last week because she wanted to make sure she included pet insurance in the

New Dog Bite Law in Seattle

Recently, the city of Seattle passed a new ordinance that gives Seattle animal control officers much more power to euthanize dogs they deem dangerous. The law is supposed to better define what a dangerous dog is, but many are worried

You buy insurance for your car, why not for your pet?

Pet insurance can be compared to car insurance.  You get it to prepare yourself financially for any possible accidents in the future. Car insurance: Covers the costs of any future accidents. Pet insurance: Covers the costs of any future accidents

Pet News: Money Matters in Decision to Insure

According to a recent poll, families across all incomes levels agree: when it comes to medical care for pets, money is an object. The poll, conducted by the Associated Press and Petside.com, found that 62 percent of pet owners surveyed