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How to Build a Dog Kennel

The following post was written by Sachin with PetsLess.com.  A dog kennel provides a dog with its own space. He stays healthy and happy as he has his own space to run around and move freely. Moreover, you do not

Crate Training and Separation Anxiety

Crate training a dog with separation anxiety can be challenging and dangerous for the dog. If your dog has extreme separation anxiety, consult your veterinarian or local dog trainer. My dog Ellie is an example of a dog with mild

Crate Training: Getting Used to the Crate

Last week, I talked about introducing your dog to a crate and this week, I will move into getting your dog used to being in the crate. Once your dog is comfortable going in and out of the crate, you

Crate Training: Introducing the Crate

My dog Ellie is truly my sidekick. She comes to work with me daily, she cuddles with me at home, and we go hiking together. Because we spend so much time together, she has a small case of separation anxiety,

playin’ in a travelin’ band

As I mentioned in my last blog, my dogs are travelin’ dogs. I always take them everywhere I go. Last summer we went to the beach and it was so difficult to find a hotel that allowed pets that I