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Dealing with Thunderstorm Anxiety

Finn has a lot of fears. We’ve been working on them one by one ever since we brought him home. He is especially frightened of thunder. In the beginning, I was afraid to leave Finn home alone during a storm.

Finicky Fiona and the Magical Goose Poop

Once upon a time in a kingdom known as boo-ti-ful New Jersey there lived a little Kerry Blue lass named Fiona. Fiona did not want to eat her dinner. At suppertime, she’d turn away – unable to face her bowl.

Finn’s “Security Blanket”

First, some background on Finnegan. Finn’s my rescue, though some may not think so. He’s not from a mill. Or a rescue organization. I got him through a breeder at the age of 15 months. Finn was supposed to be