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Tips for Adopting a Pet

It’s a very exciting time when you decide to adopt a dog or cat. You’re adding a new member to the family, you get to watch the animal grow and develop, and there’s lots of time to play and cuddle.

Fun Facts About Kittens

Teeny tiny whiskers, warm purrs, and curious stares make kittens absolutely adorable. You may think you know kittens but we bet you didn’t know some of these fun facts! Five things you didn’t know about kittens More than 90% of kittens have

A Kitten Poem

He’s nothing much but fur And two round eyes of blue, He has a giant purr And a midget mew. He darts and pats the air, He starts and cocks his ear, When there is nothing there For him to

Pets of the Week: Kittens

Though I have been featuring pets in the order that they were nominated, this one seemed a bit more timely so I decided to make an exception this once. Our Pets of the Week are two sweet kittens. Dear Trupanion,

Cats Are Wonderful Friends

Last weekend we had a poem about dogs, so here is one we enjoyed and wanted to share with the cat owners! Gentle eyes that see so much, paws that have the quiet touch. Purrs to signal “all is well”