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Pet-Proof Your Home for New Puppies and Kittens

As grown humans, we have enough common sense not to chew on electrical cords or climb up to high surfaces from which we could easily fall. However, pets don’t think this way so it’s important to puppy- or kitten-proof your

Pet Facts: Cats

The end of another weekend has arrived, but don’t be down, we have some more fun and interesting facts to share with you..this time about cats! Did you know that… The ridged patterns on a cat’s nose are unique, just

Should You Get Cat Insurance?

Well I think the answer is pretty obvious, but if you still need some persuasion here are some reasons why you should get cat insurance with Trupanion. 1. You will be coolest pet owner in town once your cat is

Stop Animal Cruelty – Crush Videos

We recently saw a segment on the news about “crush” videos and how they have recently become legal again. Have you heard of them? A crush video is basically a video fetish of feet stepping on food, objects, and also

Housebreaking Your Kitten

Kittens take to the litter box like fish to water… most of the time. As early as four weeks old, you can housebreak them in three easy steps. Continue reading