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In Memorium: Patti Kennedy

Patti Kennedy, whose yellow Labrador Retriever Zurich won the Service Dog category at the 2011 American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards, has died. She was 66. Our hearts go out to her family and friends. And we celebrate her legacy as it

Tru Interview: Ashley with Duke and Jake

I am happy to introduce you to Ashley, the newest member of our Tru Interview series. She tells us about her two dogs, Duke and Jake. What is your background? How are you involved with pets? We had a variety

Pricey Pets: Dog Breeds With Inherited Health Problems

The following is a guest post by Susan Wells. Susan is from insurance quotes, she writes on topics including health/car/life insurance, mortgage, real estate. Adopting a breed of dog that suits your lifestyle is important. Many dog hopefuls spend months