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Office Petiquette: Wipe Your Paws

With it being the wet season, be it rain or snow, we all know how much mud and dirt can accumulate on our pets’ paws after going outdoors. The grounds outside of the Trupanion office and especially inside the courtyard

Office Petiquette: Minimize Distractions

With pets comes distraction. It’s natural and expected. I mean, who can resist giving attention to that cute face? However, the line can quickly become crossed from cute-distracting to unproductive-distracting. As a pet owner that brings a pet to work,

Trupanion Wins ‘Most Pet-Friendly Company’ From NWJobs.com

We are pleased to announce that Trupanion has won the title of “Most Pet-Friendly Company” in Seattle from NWJobs.com! This is what they had to say: Pets are so central to the animal-loving culture at Trupanion that sometimes, employees tell