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Take Your Pet To Work Recap

Last Friday was Take Your Dog To Work Day, and as usual, we had lots of pets in the Trupanion office! But that’s old news, and we wanted to hear all about your pet’s adventures in the workplace. We asked

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Happy TYDTW Day! Today marks the 14th Take Your Dog To Work Day, first celebrated by Pet Sitters International in 1999. Well-behaved furry friends make wonderful work-companions as they provide stress relief and promote productivity. Did your furry friend accompany

Take Your Dog or Cat to Work Next Friday

A week from today is Take Your Dog (or cat) To Work Day! Pet Sitters International first celebrated this fur-friendly workday in 1999 and have enjoyed ‘TYDTW Day’ every year since. Pets continue to become more integrated into our lives

Pets In The Workplace Reduce Stress

I’ve noticed news articles have been cropping up on many large news websites recently such as NPR and Time about how employees experience reduced stress when there are pets at work. As a first-hand account, I can tell you that

Office Petiquette: Wipe Your Paws

With it being the wet season, be it rain or snow, we all know how much mud and dirt can accumulate on our pets’ paws after going outdoors. The grounds outside of the Trupanion office and especially inside the courtyard