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7 Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

Dogs use their paws constantly throughout the day. Because of this, your dog’s paws must be cared for to keep up with how active your animal might be. The paw pads are soft and help protect bones and joints from

Pet Paws Honorable Mentions

We love your paws! This past week, our giveaway collected your adorable paw pictures. We received a wide variety of pictures with all kinds of different paw shots. Take a look at some of our favorites below!

Dogs Have Built-In Snow Boots

Do you ever wonder why dogs don’t seem to mind the cold when they walk through snow or over icy streets in the winter? New research from Japan explains why Fido is able to romp through the snow without experiencing

For the love of paws

We are in love with all of the paw photos that we have received throughout the week! Here are a few honorable mentions – we apologize if you don’t see yours on here but we just received so many that

ClayPaws Pet Commemoration

You’ve probably seen paw prints of animals made in clay. Did you ever wonder how to make one for yourself? Well, that’s what ClayPaws® kits are for! Each kit includes just enough specially formulated clay to make a print of