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How to Make Seasonal Changes Easier on Your Dog

Fall is right around the corner and many families are getting ready to make schedule changes due to school and other activities associated with this time of year. For most of the summer dogs enjoy having the kids home from

Do Americans Put Too Much Emphasis on Their Furry Friends?

Recently an article published on Sit News in Ketchikan, Alaska claimed humans are putting too much priority on their pets. The author said we are wasting money on things such as dog psychics, gourmet pet foods, personal trainers and weight-loss

Pet Tricks: Teach Your Pet To "Say Hello"

Teaching your pet tricks is a really great way to interact with your pet and can help you strengthen your bond while having fun together. Teaching your pet tricks is an excellent outlet for having fun, increasing your pets confidence,

Get In Shape With Your Dog

Did you know that people with dogs are more likely to be in shape and exercise more frequently? Of course, it makes sense, considering that dogs need to be walked, they need their playtime, and no matter what, they need

Pet Travel Tips: By Car

Summer is only weeks away and many of us are marking our calendars for special road-trips to visit family, friends, and fun places! Traveling with your pet can be very fun, however it is important to plan ahead and pack