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Dog Tricks: Shake

Dogs loves to learn new tricks, it helps them stay alert, energetic, and most of all, they get a treat out of it! Some dog breeds have more of an instinct to learn certain tricks, such as “fetch” and carry things

Dog Parks and Benefits of Pet Exercise

Spring is upon us, meaning nicer weather to be outdoors with our pets! Why not check out a local dog park this weekend?  Exercise and social interaction is important for our dogs. The key to good pet health and well-being

Human Obesity Linked to Overweight Dogs But Not Cats

In a recent article from the LA Times, a Dutch study revealed that overweight dogs tend to have overweight owners. According to the study, dogs seem to take after their owners whether they are couch potatoes or regular joggers. However,

Keep pets from getting bored in the winter

Reading a recent article in the Journal Gazette prompted me to write about how boring winter is for most pets. Pet owners keep content by modifying the routine a little: instead of going outside, they go out to warm, dry,

Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Pet Owners

Every year, we go through the same motions of planning New Years resolutions for ourselves: lose weight, eat healthy, travel, spend more time with friends and family. However, what many people don’t realize is that their pets may need some