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Infographic: Pudgy Puppies and Fat Felines

Christmas is a time of giving, and most of the time that is a great thing. Unless you are giving too many treats to your pets! It can be easy to increase treat-giving during the holidays because you want to

In the News: Canine Flu

Getting the flu shot has become a common measure many of us take to prevent the flu, but have you ever thought about your dog getting a flu shot? According to a recent ABC News article, there are many reasons

Pet Health Concerns: Seizures

It is always sad when a pet suffers from any ailment but seizures may be one of the most disheartening. Watching your beloved pet have a seizure, which at the most intense has the pet thrashing wildly on the ground, is one of

Understanding Chronic Inflammation in Dogs and Cats

The following guest post comes to us from Jennifer Febel. Jennifer works for Avivagen Animal Health as their Marketing and Communications associate. Prior to joining the Avivagen team, Jennifer spent 7 years working in and managing veterinary hospitals.   You

Pet Health Concerns: Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid on the brain. The pressure of the fluid pushes the brain up against the skull, damaging or destroying brain tissues. A dog can be born with this condition or can develop it later in life. There