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New Benefits Available for New York Pet Owners

Last week we announced some exciting news for pet owners in New York – several new pet insurance benefits were approved by the New York Department of Insurance and are now available to current and new Trupanion policyholders. First, New

In the News: Benefits and Drawbacks of Pet Insurance

Recently, the website Live Insurance News published an article on the benefits and drawbacks of pet insurance. I thought it was a good description of pet insurance from an unbiased party. The article gave some good facts and let the

Veterinarian Discusses Benefits of Pet Insurance

Recently, Dr. Lori Huston, a veterinarian who has been in practice for over 20 years, wrote a guest blog post for BlogPaws about how pet insurance can help pet owners who otherwise wouldn’t have the funds for high veterinary bills.

The Benefits of Getting Pet Insurance for a Puppy

While pet insurance is very beneficial to pets of all age, pet owners will find particular value if they get pet insurance when their dog is a puppy. Signing up for pet insurance at any age is certainly a good financial decision to make. However, pet owners will reap extra benefits of pet insurance if they sign up while their pet is young. Continue reading