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Dogs Restricted for Renters Insurance

Dogs restricted for renters insurance are fast becoming part of the rules of society, especially if the dogs are labeled dangerous or vicious. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Dog insurance and older dogs

When discussing the idea of getting pet insurance for dogs, many people think that you don’t really need to get it until the dog is a little older, when they’re more apt to develop health issues. While that may not

Fun Facts about Cats, Dogs, and Pet Ownership – Trupanion

Did you know that cats will almost never meow at other cats? Just humans. And did you know that there are 701 pure breed types of dogs?  Here are some more informational, educational, and fun-filled pet facts you can share

How do I find out if my veterinarian will accept dog insurance?

Since I’ve been in the pet insurance industry for over two years, I have come to assume that everyone knows how pet insurance works. It’s not until I have the unsuspecting pet owner knock me back into reality, that I

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Likely, when you start(ed) looking around for dog insurance, you notice(d) that prices can really vary – anywhere from $8 per month, up to over $150 per month. This then forces you to dig in deeper to see what you