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Do dog insurance premiums increase if I submit a claim?

I often hear that people are afraid to get pet insurance and submit the “small, mundane claimes” because they fear that any claim will increase their premiums. Unlike most car insurance companies in the US, many pet insurance companies do

How do I find out if my veterinarian will accept dog insurance?

Since I’ve been in the pet insurance industry for over two years, I have come to assume that everyone knows how pet insurance works. It’s not until I have the unsuspecting pet owner knock me back into reality, that I

Trupanion Crossword Puzzle Contest

Do you like crossword puzzles? or even more so…winning prizes? If the answer is yes! ..then join us in this weeks contest and see if you can fill out Trupanion’s pet insurance crossword puzzle below. Browse our site and see

When is the best time to buy dog insurance?

This topic can be pretty debatable, but I’m going to give you my opinion on why I think getting dog insurance while your dog is younger is the best idea. Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions (you will not

How does dog insurance work?

Now that we’ve put what dog insurance is,what dog insurance covers, and doesn’t cover behind us, let me tell you more about how it works. As a recap, dog insurance is to cover your pet’s medical expenses if they get