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New Dog Bite Law in Seattle

Recently, the city of Seattle passed a new ordinance that gives Seattle animal control officers much more power to euthanize dogs they deem dangerous. The law is supposed to better define what a dangerous dog is, but many are worried

Pet Owners in China May be Limited to One Dog

A recent article from Mail Online discusses a new measure in Shanghai, China that limits households to one canine companion. This is a zero tolerance policy on unplanned pregnancies is in response to rampant barking, unscooped waste, and the growing risk of dog

Prop B and Pet Insurance

On November 2nd, Proposition B passed in Missouri in a 51.5% to 48.5% vote. Proposition B is a measure that would adopt new rules for dog-breeders, including instituting a cap on the number of dogs that can be used for breeding purposes,

Pet News: Texas Town Considers Dog Bark Ordinance

Though some owners like hearing their dogs expressing themselves, an incessantly barking pooch next door can rank with a crying baby on an airplane as one of the bigger nuisances that the listener can’t really control. But officials in Hurst,