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Unique Pet Names That Are Weird, Wacky & Just Plain Crazy

As pet parents and aficionados know, there is no shortage of ideas for pet names out there. Inspiration is an elusive muse to pin down and the options can be overwhelming. What can a pet insurance company do to help shorten your

Hug Your Cat Day

Today is Hug Your Cat Day! Taking a day to acknowledge your feline friend with a hug is what Hug Your Cat Day is all about. It has been proven that hugs from your pets can decrease stress, lower blood

Popular Trupanion Pet Names

Here’s something fun. We scoured our database of pets and determined the most popular pet names, then put that information into a tag cloud shaped like our Pupkin! The biggest names on the list are the most popular names. Is

Most Popular Dog Names in Japan

It is always so much fun for us to look through our database and see all the fun, unique, and creative things our policyholders name their pets. Occasionally we will share with you some that we find, like the most

Popular Pet Names Revealed

This week’s giveaway challenged you to guess which pet names were most common, according to our pet insurance database. Today, we reveal the answers! (No one got all 5 correct, but all 8 people who guessed 4 names correctly were