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Top 5 Thanksgiving Pet Names

Today is a day to be thankful for our family and that includes pets! Here is a fun list of the top Thanksgiving-related pet names according to our pet insurance database. Pumpkin Apple Potato Pie and Pecan tie for 4th

Most Unique Pet Names

Cassie, a former Trupanion employee, recently e-mailed the office her list of favorite pet names (all Trupanion insured pets) that she has seen during her time at Trupanion before taking off to pursue other ventures. Here they are! Windshield –

Top 10 Famous Cat Names

A few months ago, we shared a top 10 list of famous dog names, but what about those well-known feline names? Here they are – the ten most popular famous cat names according to our pet insurance database. Tigger (Winnie

Top 10 Adjective Pet Names

An easy way to name your pet is to think about words that describe him! These pets were obviously named for some of their best qualities. They are the top 10 most common adjective pet names according to our pet

Top 10 Famous Dog Names

Ever wanted a famous dog? These dogs hold the names of some famous dogs throughout television and movie history (and surprisingly, Lassie didn’t make the list)! The following are the 10 most popular famous dog names according to Trupanion’s pet