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Top 10 U.S. Locations Pet Names

Naming our pets after locations is a great way to commemorate a favorite vacation, city, or sports team. I surfed our pet insurance database for pets named after a variety of cities and states to come up with the top

Top 10 Gemstone Pet Names

Is your pet a precious gem? The dogs and cats of this Top 10 list are, according to their names that are after mineral and organic gemstones. Maybe some of these pets were named after their month’s birthstone? The following

Top 10 Color Pet Names

Do you have a colorful pet? Or a pet with a colorful personality (which I’m sure most of us have)! These pets are so colorful that they were named after a color. Check out the top 10 color-related pet names

Top 10 "Friends" Pet Names

As the famous “Friends” television show theme song goes, “I’ll be there for you…” and so will your pet! After sifting through our pet insurance database, we found the top ten pet names related to the television show, “Friends”. I’m

Top 10 Star Wars Pet Names

We see a variety of trends among pet names in our pet insurance database. One notable theme is none other than Star Wars and judging by the amount and variety of pets named after Star Wars characters, we’ve got a